A Comparison between the UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller

UPPAbaby full-size Cruz infant baby stroller and bassinet bundle

Anyone looking to buy their first (or second) stroller is bound to come across these two. The UPPAbaby Vista and the UPPAbaby Cruz strollers are two excellent choices if you are shopping for a new baby ride. They both score very highly as far as build, design, and performance are concerned. Nevertheless, there’s always the inevitable, “Which one is a better fit?” conundrum. On the one hand, you have a high end, thousand-dollar stroller and on the other, a mid-ranger with nearly all of the same attributes.uppababy-vista-baby-stroller In the end, a decision has to be made. How does Vista compare to the Cruz? We answer that and more in this in-depth comparison.

Build and Design: Differences and Similarities

Perhaps the key distinguishing factor between these two strollers is their size. The Vista is bulkier, heavier, and tougher, while the Cruz is leaner, more agile, and a bit lighter. Even to a novice, it’s easy to see that UPPAbaby designed the Vista to be the powerful standard stroller that it is. The Cruz is more of a hybrid between an umbrella stroller and a regular stroller. That means that it’s lighter than the Vista, even though it’s only by 3.5 pounds. Also, it has a narrower profile that’s great for navigating tight spaces. Both strollers can be folded, although any stroller that weighs more than 20 pounds is bound to be hard to carry around, folded or not.


Both the Vista and the Cruz strollers have great canopies. They are not particularly large, though they do provide maximum protection from the sun. UPPAbaby includes a hidden SPF 50 extension visor in both models, which extends all the way to the bumper. Both windows also feature large peekaboo windows with magnetic closures that are quieter and more secure than Velcro. The window itself is partially made of mesh, so air circulation is great inside the canopy. Last but not least, both canopies are removable (replaceable too!), so keeping the stroller clean is easy enough.


The 12-inch-wide seats on the Vista and the Cruz are roomy and adequately padded. The Cruz has a slightly deeper seat (22 inches from bottom to the top of canopy), so you’ll find it to be a better choice for taller children than the 19.5-inch deep seat on the Vista. Both seats are ideal for newborns, but you might need an extra (SnugSeat) insert. Both seats also recline for up to 5 different positions thanks to a lever. They are designed for children aged 3 months and older and weigh up to 50 pounds. Another similarity shared here is that both seats are reversible. All you need to do is push the two buttons on either side of the seat and swing it around to face towards/away from you. Folding the Cruz requires the seat to be in its original position.


The strollers each come with an adjustable telescoping handlebar. The one on the Vista extends from 40 to 42.5 inches, while the Cruz’s extends from 39.5 to 42 inches. Both are protected by a layer of rubber, which improves handling and ergonomics as well.


Each stroller has a padded 5-point harness, and you should expect no less from any stroller at this price range. The harness comes with a center release button that is easy to operate even for a child. Full points for usability, of course, but any parent would worry about a harness that their child could easily slip out of.


When it comes to storage space, the Vista is a clear winner. Not only does it come with a spacious basket, but it also has side pockets for your cellphone, loose change, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. The Cruz only has one large basket below the seat. Both baskets are very easy to access. They fit roughly two large diaper bags without a hitch.

UPPAbaby full-size Cruz infant baby stroller and bassinet bundleWheels

The Vista comes with hard rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension. If you want a stroller that can handle all terrain, this is it. Though the Cruz does feature two 6.5” rubber wheels at the front, rear wheels that are an inch bigger, it is no match for the Vista’s two 8” and 11” front and rear wheels. Both strollers have front swivel wheels that can be locked in place. Also, they are both equipped with all-wheel suspension, which absorbs bumps for a smoother ride.

Parking brake

The Vista has a parking brake on the right rear wheel. The Cruz’s parking brake is between the rear wheels. Both brakes are easy to activate (even with flip-flops) and can be locked and unlocked in a cinch.

Folding mechanism

Other Differences between the UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller • The Vista comes with a rain cover, a zip-up mosquito net that provides maximum coverage, and a matching bassinet. • The Vista has a bumper bar, which the Cruz, unfortunately, does not have right out of the box. You can buy it separately if you wish. • The Vista converts into a travel system using the UPPAbaby Mesa car attachment. • The Vista can also be converted into an in-line double stroller with the addition of a rumble seat. A glider/piggyback can also be added to accommodate a third child.

The UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller: Final Take

Vista is a great stroller if you need something spacious and customizable. Like the Cruz, it has ample storage that’s easy to access and a bonus of two smaller pockets. On paper, the Cruz is lighter and narrower, though you won’t feel much of a difference in weight. However, it does have a smaller profile, which is better for navigating small spaces. Unfortunately, this narrower profile comes at the expense of the wheels. The Vista is, therefore, a more reliable stroller when it comes to handling different terrain. What’s more, it can accommodate up to three children simultaneously with the right attachments. You can even convert it into a travel system, which is something that Cruz can’t do.

The verdict? Buy the Vista if it is going to be your first stroller here. It is sturdy, spacious, comfortable, and very customizable, so it can serve you well for a long time. As for the Cruz, it is not quite an umbrella stroller, but you can get it as a backup stroller all the same. It is lighter, albeit slightly, narrower, and better-suited for using on the go. If the Cruz stroller is your choice you can find it hear on Amazon if you want to find out more info.

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