Britax Boulevard vs Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seats

Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat with 3 layer impact protection

So, the ClickTight installation system is all the rage right now when it comes to children’s car seats, and the Britax brand has embraced the technology in its Boulevard and Advocate convertible car seats.

And even LATCH system diehards have begun admitting that this way of securing the child car seat using the vehicle’s seatbelt makes the Boulevard and Advocate goddamn delightful.

In these two models, gone is the shoving, pulling, and having to second-guess the tightness of straps and latch. Now you just have to open the panel, thread the car seatbelt through either the forward-facing or rear-facing belt paths, buckle it, then click-close the compartment. The Click-Safe feature will notify you that the tightness is proper.

But between the Britax Boulevard vs Advocate, how do you pick a winner? Let’s break down the features of the two seats.

Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat with 3 layer impact protection

What features does the Boulevard have in common with the Advocate?

Built to guarantee safety and comfort

In both the Advocate and the Boulevard, there’re no corner-cutting hacks, such as adding extra foam or using an extra bolt here and there to make the seat secure. Britax understands that car crashes are the number one cause of injuries and even deaths for children under the age of six. So, right from the start, the Britax Advocate and Boulevard convertible car seats have been designed to provide maximum safety and comfort. Safety features between the Britax Advocate vs Boulevard include:

Multiple layers of protection – A foam-padded headrest, an impact-absorbing selfcell steel frame, and adjustable side-impact protection.

Energy-absorbing base – The base features impact-absorbing rubber too. In the event of a crash, these specially designed rubber pieces compress and take away some energy from the impact.

V-shaped patented Harness Tether – These straps at the back of the seats tethers them to the vehicle such the seat won’t move forward suddenly during collisions. The tethers meet each other in a V-shaped manner.

Harness pads on the straps – Both as a safety feature but also a guarantee for everyday comfort. Attached where the shoulder straps rise and falls, these pads make the straps more rigid, absorb impact and prevent bruising.

Easy-to-use ClickTight Installation system

The ClickTight feature makes both the Boulevard and the Advocate user-friendly. With this system, the car’s seat belt is used to secure and lock the convertible children’s car seat down. And though the Britax Boulevard and Advocate are heavy models, the ClickTight feature makes it easy to switch seats between cars.

Customer reviews say that while even tightened latches tend to wobble, especially when in forward-facing mode, you can expect no such issues with ClickTight Convertible Boulevard and Advocate seat. Peace of mind is achieved without the need to use a combination of latch and seatbelt.


Both the Boulevard and Advocate are high-back seats can convert from rear-facing to forward-facing with the following weight and height limitations for both seats:

Rear-facing – 5 to 40 pounds and max 49-inches height

Forward-facing – 20 to 65 pounds if forward-facing and a max 49-inches height

Although not useable as booster seats, both the Advocate and Boulevard are designed to grow with your child. They feature adjustable straps and can be used until the child is 49 inches tall.No Re-threading needed

Damned, be those infant car seats whose parts have to be taken apart to readjust the straps. In both the Boulevard and the Advocate, the pain of manually configuring the straps and headrest to a new position has been eliminated. Now you just use a lever located on top of the car seat to set both the headrest and strap to any of the 14 different positions allowed.

But even so, Britax does make use of shorter straps. Therefore, there’s the nuisance of constant adjustments that have to be made. The other thing is there are two different locations for the bottom buckle, and you’ve got to take out both the belly pad and the buckle entirely to readjust the bottom buckle strap.

A lovely Harness System with a Click-Safe function

Both the Britax Advocate and Boulevard boast of a lovely harness system with the bottom strap being quite accessible. Additionally, instead of pulling on it and second-guessing while tightening, you can now depend on the Click-Safe function, which comes in play when tightening the straps; it makes a small click to notify that proper tightness has been achieved. That way, you can rest easy knowing your child is comfy.

But there have been complaints that Click-Safe tends to give false positives, clicking satisfactorily when it’s something else such as strap being stuck or puffy child coat that’s making strap tight

Multiple Recline Positions

You can set the newborn to stare at the ceiling and the toddler to sit straight and face the world. Both the Advocate and Boulevard seats can recline to 7 different positions. Additionally, the level indicator on the side notifies you of the right recline angles depending on the mode at play.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat tempo

Britax Boulevard vs the Advocate: What Differences should You Expect?

1. The Advocate is heavy on the pocket

Both the Boulevard ClickTight Convertible car seat and the Advocate ClickTight Convertible car seat are moderately priced. But of the two models, customers tend to lean towards the $296 Boulevard convertible as the $336 Advocate is a bit heavier on the pocket still.

2. Expect more side-impact protection from the Advocate

Definitely the Advocate. In this model, the outside features impact-absorbing plastic and extra cushions. This additional material on the outside of the seat guarantees a third-layer of protection against side impacts as compared to the two-layered side-impact protection of the Boulevard.

But while a great feature, it does make the Advocate slightly wider, resulting in space issues if multiple seats have to be installed or room is needed for an additional person on the back seat.

3. Boulevard is a bit lighter and narrower

While both the Boulevard and Advocate are damn heavy car seats, at 29.4 pounds, the Boulevard is noticeably lighter than the 30.6-pound Advocate. Again, in terms of width, the Advocate’s extra side padding result in space issues when the car is small.

Lastly, when it comes to the NHTSA ease-of-use rating, both the Boulevard and the Advocate have a 4-star mark. But on Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target customer ratings, the Advocate seats on top with 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8 stars compared to 4.4 in all for the Boulevard.

Lastly, which one between the Boulevard and the Advocate is cool for the summer? Both the Advocate and the Boulevard use breathable fabric. The Advocate may get hotter because of extra-side cushions. Feel free to check out the Britax Cool Flow collection Boulevard and Advocate breathable fabric.

In retrospect, both the Advocate and Boulevard have so much in common: Reclining system, wonderful harness, fantastic breathable and washable material plus exceptional safety features. It’s hard to decide which seat is better. But if I’m to pick a winner, I’d go with the Advocate here on Amazon; I don’t mind ponying up a little extra for an extra layer of safety.

I hope you found our review of the Britax Boulevard vs Advocate helpful. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions.



Britax Marathon Vs. Boulevard Car Seats A Comparison

Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat

Finding the right car seat for your precious child does not have to be difficult. With our Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review we are about to cover; you should have an easier time deciding which model to buy. Note that both items are products of the Britax brand.

Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seatBritax Marathon-Verve

Let us start with Britax’s Marathon car seat in our Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review. With the marathon version, you are buying a seat with side protection to guard your baby against harm. The product has a base that absorbs impact properly to ensure a comfortable ride with your child.

According to the Britax website, Marathon’s harness adjusts in 10 different positions, thus boosting convenience for you. You do not need to rethread. However, the latch utilizes a push-button and adjusts in several positions for more user-friendliness.

Besides, the V-like tether on this model fosters stability of the seat with the in-built lock-offs, you get to snugly install the Marathon seat in your car. Its plush fabrics and padding feel great on your baby. The body pillow is removable if need be.

Marathon has one layer of side impact protection and SafeCell impact to safeguard your baby. You can use it in both rears and forward-facing configurations, and it can carry children weighing 5-65lbs. Its steel frame is high strength to foster the safety of your little angel.

Adjust the seat in seven different recline positions to save your child from fatigue and the boredom of sitting in a given posture for a while.


• Comfortable and made of breathable material
• Adjustable and installs fast with latch clips and seat-belt
• Installs snugly
• Usable in the rear and forward-facing design
• Grows with your child
• Easy to use
• Has a sturdy steel frame
• Super dense for comfort and shock absorption


• It is heavy-duty but provides the much-needed safety
• Latch straps make uninstalling the seat a bit challenging

Boulevard Car Seat-Circa

Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat tempoWhen you settle for Britax’s Boulevard car seat, you are purchasing a plush, comfortable item for your little one. It is a convertible product that you can use in both forward and rear-facing styles, thus suitable for newborns and older kids as well. It can carry children weighing 5-65lbs and as tall as 49’’.

However, in a forward-facing configuration, the seat can carry 20-65lbs of weight while in a rear-facing design, it accommodates 5-40lbs. However, have your baby in a rear-facing position until he or she reaches the manufacturer’s highest height or weight stipulated.

You do not have to buy another seat as your child grows. Adjust the harness, headrest, and the seat height to fit your baby. For comfort purposes, Boulevard provides seven recline positions usable with both rear and forward-facing seat options.

Do not worry about the harness being too tight. The product has a harness indicator that emits an audible click to signal you that the tightness is okay. Besides, the harness adjusts quickly in 14 different positions, thus boosting comfort and versatility.

To ensure maximum safety for your child, Britax incorporates several things in their Boulevard car seat model. For starters, it has two protection layers on the side to guard against impact, for example, when you suddenly apply the brakes. The buckle on the seat also offers two buckle positions for additional comfort and safety of your kid.

Regarding material, Boulevard features a cool flow mesh fabric that fosters ventilation. It is helpful during hot weather, as it keeps your baby fresh. Its steel frame enhances durability. That is not all.

The product has sufficient padding on the seat and headrest to ensure comfort and prevent your child from feeling the bumps on the road. Installing it in your car is easy and fast due to the ClickTight mechanism that Britax provides, you use to buckle the seat in place.

To adjust the height of the seat, push a button, and you are good to go. Boulevard has a V-shape tether that reduces seat rotation for added safety.


• Highly adjustable and comfortable
• Usable for 5-65lbs children
• Has fully removable covers
• Supports forward and rear-facing usage
• Very flexible with adjustable headrest, seat height, and harness
• Easy to set up
• Has a deep energy-absorbing construction
• Solid, durable, and well-padded
• Offers side protection against impact
• Usable for several stages of child growth
• Has great safety mechanisms in place


• A few customers complain about the quality of the straps, with one saying the seat belt frayed in less than a month.

Summary of Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard

Boulevard and Marathon car seats from Britax are almost impossible to distinguish. They have many similar features, which include the following.

• A steel frame construction
• Solid and high quality
• Eye-catching design
• V-shaped tether
• Side impact protection
• Several latch positions
• A quick to adjust harness that does not need rethreading
• High quality, plush, and comfortable
• Offer easy and secure installation
• Similar weight capacity of 5-65lbs
• Convertible products for forward and rear-facing use
• Energy-absorbing base
• 7 incline positions
• Seat height adjustable with a push of a button
• Latch compatible
• Perform well in crash tests and in real life crashes

Differences between Britax’s Marathon and Boulevard Car Seats

While the two models have multiple similarities, they do differ in a few ways. For example, Marathon has 10 harness positions, while Boulevard offers 14. Besides, Boulevard has an infant pillow to foster comfort while Marathon uses a removable body pillow.

The other noticeable difference is in the padding. Boulevard has two layers of heavy foam on the sides for comfort while Marathon has one, thus not as comfortable and as safe as Boulevard.

Besides, when Boulevard Circa utilizes a click and safe harness mechanism, Marathon Verve uses an in-built lock off, but the seat fits snugly. On the upside, marathon offers an extra anchor point on the upper side of the car seat for extra stability while Boulevard does not have it.

Abut price; Boulevard costs more than Marathon. On Amazon, the latter goes at $299.99, while the former costs $ 324.99. Boulevard’s price is higher because of a few reasons. For example, it has an extra layer of foam padding to provide additional comfort and protection against impact. Besides, it has a click and safe harness and more harness settings than Marathon.

Final Thought

Britax is a car seat brand worth considering. The company provides high quality products with solid frames, high quality materials, ease of use, and adjustability. Among their top-selling car seats, there are Boulevard and Marathon models.

The above Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review is a guide to help make an informed purchasing decision. The two products have many similar characteristics and countable differences.

Despite the contrast between the two products, including the price, they are both worthwhile purchases depending on what you are looking for. The seats are comfortable, safe, and highly adjustable, not forgetting how easy they are to install in your car.