Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

baby trend expedition jogger travel system

Should you buy this stroller just for its jogger status? Not necessarily. Read this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review before you make a decision.

If the terrain is smooth enough, joggers are ideal for power walking or some light running. Keep in mind that running too fast can shake the jogger too much, and that doesn’t make for a smooth experience for your loved one. Jogging strollers are better at handling bad rough paths, but you can achieve the same effect with a regular stroller on smooth ground.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system

So, if a jogger isn’t some kind of special stroller that you can run with, then why should you pick a jogger over a regular stroller? Joggers are notoriously good at handling poor terrain because they have bigger, better wheels. That’s not all, most of them feature suspension systems designed to absorb shock and minimize motion in the stroller so that your loved one experiences a smooth ride. They are also more agile and easier to maneuver around tight spots—perks of having a swivel front wheel and wheel suspension.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is one such jogger. Tall, graceful, and exceptionally good on rough paths, a stroller like this would perform excellently on the least traveled paths. It’s built to last, has some very nice customization options, and falls in the sub $200 market, which makes it quite good value for money.

Let’s see what else the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System has to offer.

Quick and easy folding

You cannot ask for a better stroller when it comes to folding ability. The Expedition take seconds when you activate its folding trigger (the hooks on either side of the stroller) to collapse into a compact bundle. It is small enough to fit in a car trunk when folded.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system review folded position

Adjustable canopy and seat

You can retract or extend the canopy as far back or as low as you need it to be. You get a lot of flexibility in terms of range of coverage. Some strollers don’t go all the way up, so to get any sun, your baby has to be outside the stroller. The Expedition takes care of that little issue.

Also, the seat can recline in a number of positions, so you can customize your baby’s comfort levels. They can sleep, explore the world, or even sit up and interact with it as you walk or run along.

Cup holders, storage compartment

The cup holders on the Expedition are extremely useful for feeding the baby on the go. Finally, you can have your morning coffee, jog, stay hydrated, and feed your loved one courtesy of the stroller.

Apart from the cup holders, there’s also a separate storage compartment that’s closed. This is perfect for a diaper bag, some toys, a book or two for you, and other essentials.

Travel system compatible

The Expedition is a travel system. Its seat can be converted into a car seat or reverted back into a stroller. Basically, it is a stroller and a car seat, which means more value for less money.

It clicks into place into your backseat and can be harnessed for further security. You also get various recline positions so your baby stays comfortable even while you’re driving.

Lockable swivel wheel

The front wheel of the Baby Trend Expedition jogger is a swivel wheel that can be locked into place. A locked wheel is more stable on rough terrain and when the jogger is moving at a fast pace. However, a swivel wheel offers more maneuverability and allows you to navigate tight spaces.

You can lock and unlock it to suit different uses.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system stroller review

What you’ll like about the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System:

1. It is easy to maneuver

Whether it’s on flat pavement or rocky gravel, the Expedition jogger is easy to control. Part of this is because it has excellent wheels that are designed with precisely such situations in mind. The swivel front wheel helps a lot when it comes to navigating tight spaces too.

Its front wheel is lockable and this gives you the freedom to run without making the baby uncomfortable.

2. Folds easily and into a compact bundle

You will fall in love with just how easily the Expedition folds. A trigger mechanism buckles it up swiftly into a bundle small enough to fit in the trunk of a coupe. On that score, it is an excellent jogger that can be put away easily and in the blink of an eye.

3. Serves as an infant car seat for babies of up to 30lbs

At some point, you will need a bigger car seat, but until your baby weighs 30 pounds, the Expedition is all the stroller/car seat you need. It’s pretty versatile and capable of accommodating children of up to 50 pounds and 42 inches in height, so your child will stay comfortable all through.

What you won’t like about the Baby Trend Expedition

1. Its size and weight

Joggers are typically larger than usual strollers, and that’s acceptable. The Expedition is no different. It’s not much of an issue until you encounter a really tight passageway (such as a very narrow alley).

Also, the stroller’s car seat is a little on the heavy side. You won’t notice it the first few times, but after a while you’ll find that you need more power to move it from the car to the stroller.

Final Word

This Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System review can be summed up in three words: an excellent jogger. It is built well, sturdy, and equipped with the sort of wheels you’d want to see in a jogger. There’s a lockable swivel wheel that’s great for getting around obstacles quickly, a comfortable seat that reclines, and an adjustable canopy.

The fact that it is a travel system sweetens the deal because you get a car seat and a stroller in one compact bundle. Plus you get all the extra perks of a $200 stroller (cup holder, closed compartment) to make your experience even better. In all respects, the Expedition is a great travel system.

To find you Baby Trend Expedition Jogger be sure to check out Amazon. They usually have the best price and the reviews.