Uppababy VISTA vs City Select

Both the UPPAbaby VISTA and the Baby Jogger City Select are convertible strollers, i.e., single strollers that can be converted to double strollers by adding a second seat. This modular design makes the City Select and the UPPAbaby VISTA popular among families that are still planning to grow.

But while considering the UPPAbaby vs the City Select, it’s easy to narrow down on which stroller suits your family-specific needs by looking at a few features.

For example, the best part of the VISTA is its all-wheel suspension and leather highlights that has some calling it the buggy’s Rolls Royce. On the other hand, what makes the Baby Jogger City Select beautiful is that you can seat your two children to face each other. Do you wish to learn more differences between these two intuitive pushchair designs? Stick around for the review.


With the VISTA’s modular design, you can configure it to take two stroller seats, infant car seats or bassinets and still stroll like a single. You can get the original VISTA or the 2019 version, which boasts of premium fabric and extra color options.

Highlights of the VISTA include;

  • An All-Wheel Suspension
  • It comes loaded with accessories
  • a Bumper bar
  • one bassinet
  • a rain cover
  • a bug covers and a bassinet bug cover,
  • storage bag
  • impact-absorbing Foam-Filled tires
  • lighter than the City Select
  • 13-seat configuration
  • leather-covered handlebars
  • 3-year warranty
  • can be configured to hold up to 3 children
  • one-step fold upper seat
  • Suitable for 3 months to 50 lbs babies
  • Rumble seat/ bassinet
  • Birth to 20 pound babies
  • Foot-brake system

The Baby Jogger City Select

The City Select, too, boasts of intuitive design with up to 16 different seating combinations. You can set your kids to face you, face each other or the world. The package though does not come with accessories like the bassinet and canopy, unlike the VISTA package. You can get the original City Select or the 2019 version that boasts of a modernized look, premium fabric, and neutral colors.

Highlights of the City Select include:

  • 16 different seat configurations
  • Handlebar parking is possible with handbrake system
  • Proprietary quick-fold technology
  • 45-pound maximum baby weight for both upper and lower seat
  • Plastic and Foam-filled tires
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • 1-year warranty
  • Plastic handlebars

Now that you are accustomed to the highlights of the Uppababy vs. the City Select. How do you choose one that suits your family’s needs?

Price and Accessories

Add-ons are what makes it possible to configure both the VISTA and City Select to suit various family-specific needs. Here’s a look at how the two pushchairs perform when it comes to packaging.

The VISTA packaging costs more and includes a bumper bar; bassinet; bassinet bug canopy, bassinet storage; all-weather canopy. The City Select requires one to pay for accessories separately. Here’s the price breakdown:

Single Stroller VISTA – Priced at $899.99 to $959.99, depending on the version. Double Stroller VISTA – $1089.98 upwards. Single stroller City Select – $423.99 to $539.99 depending on the version. Double stroller City Select – $600 to $720


Leather accents, impact-absorbing foam-filled tires, and all-wheel suspension make the VISTA more luxurious. Your baby can still sleep comfortably when strolling on those bumpy surfaces.

In the City select, we have a combination of plastic and foam tires – not suitable for bumpy surfaces. But the capability for handlebar parking makes it cool, especially if one child is walking in front such that the foot brake won’t be accessible.

Maximum Seat Weight

City Select features identical upper and lower seat with an equal 45-pound weight capacity. VISTA, on the other hand, has an upper toddler seat with 50-pound maximum capacity and lower rumble seat with a 35-pound maximum capacity.

Car Seat compatibility

Both the VISTA and City Select are compatible with several children’s car seats. You can swap out the stroller seat for the infant car seats until your baby is grown enough, then you put the stroller seat back in; that way, you have a stroller that grows with your baby.

For the VISTA, you can use the Uppababy MESA infant car seat directly to the frame without the need for additional car seat adapters. While to connect the City Select to Baby Jogger’s City GO, a car seat adapter is a must-have.


While the VISTA boasts of a one-step fold, it’s the City Select’s patented quick-fold technology that shines. Expect no struggles; the City Select folds up and down easily so you can get back to attending to your baby.

The VISTA is easy to fold, too, but requires the removal of the second seat. Additionally, the VISTA stands when folded, making things hectic if you’ve got an extra bassinet or seat.

Seat Configuration

Both the VISTA and City Select modular design allows the parent/guardian to configure the seats to meet specific needs. But this requires the purchase of additional accessories such as bassinet, boogie board, rumble, etc. But the main take is that the City Select allows for more configuration; seating the children to face each other is a beautiful concept!

The VISTA is lighter than the City Select and more portable. There haven’t been any issues with the VISTA when it comes to the steering, but for the City Select, customers say the wheels tend to turn undesirably leading to steering issues

Uppababy VISTA vs City Select Issues

Let’s start with the VISTA’s price; it’s very much exaggerated just because it comes with accessories. And even so, you end up spending less in total for City Select stroller plus accessories than the VISTA.

The other issue is the VISTA’s foot brake system. It gets hard to use if another child is walking between you and the stroller. The other issue is its narrower rumble seats are not that comfortable for the child. There’s also reports that the multiple seat configurations bring problems space-wise.

For the City Select, the tires are a combination of plastic and foam-filled, therefore not good on bumpy surfaces. Additionally, it only has a front-wheel suspension, and the wheels tend to turn undesirably, leading to steering problems.

Another issue with City Select is it has got a front-wheel-only suspension, plus adapters are required for the car seat.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to value for money, the City Select is a mom’s best friend. You get more seating configurations for less cash. The VISTA, on the other hand, while a luxurious stroller, is pricey: Just a few dollars shy of a 4-digit price. Plus, if you want a City Select model that performs just as good as the VISTA, consider the City Select LUX: It has better maneuverability plus it comes with a bench seat.

I hope you found our review on the Baby Jogger City Select vs Uppababy Vista strollers helpful. If you have any questions leave a comment below.