The Only Graco Milestone Review You Need to Read

Graco Milestone 3_in_1 convertible car seat

I’ll admit, had someone told me about this Graco Milestone review when I was looking to buy my first car seat, I would have slapped them in the face for lying to me. An all-in-one convertible car seat that my child can use straight from the hospital all the way to their first 100 pounds? Get out of town, no such thing exists!

But alas! Here is the Graco Milestone, the unbelievably versatile convertible car seat that does it all. A rear-facing infant car seat for babies of 5 to 40 pounds? Check. A forward-facing car seat for toddlers of 20 to 65 pounds? Check. A booster seat for kids of up to 100 pounds? Check, and check again.

Graco Milestone review

It is a fantastic all-in-one convertible car seat that is capable of carrying babies from the newborn stage up until they exit their toddler years. If you’re wondering how this awesome car seat has managed to fly under the radar for so long, it hasn’t. The Milestone is a pretty popular Graco car seat that’s high up there with the Nautilus and the TranZitions.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Three different modes

The Graco Milestone is all the car seat you need for babies between 5 and 100 pounds. That’s right; it is suitable for newborns of as little as 5 pounds as well as toddlers of up to 100 pounds.

Part of the reason why it is so versatile is because it comes with three modes: a rear-facing infant seat mode, a front-facing car seat mode, and a full belt-positioning baby booster mode. From day one, this car seat will serve you properly and provide adequate comfort levels to your baby.

Four-position seat recline

Customizable seat positions give you the freedom to adjust the baby’s comfort levels to their desire. The seat in the Graco Milestone can recline in up to four positions. You can either choose the upright mode, two recline positions, or the fully reclined position, which is great for napping and relaxing kids.

Graco Milestone reclining seat

Removable cup holder

The Graco Milestone car seat comes with a single cup holder that’s very useful when it comes to feeding its occupant. The cup holder can be used to hold baby’s food, beverages, or hydration. If it is in the way, you can easily remove it and store it for later use. It hides away conveniently and is also very easy to retrieve, so you can enjoy the comfort of a dedicated cup holder whenever you need it.

Simple harness adjustment system

Some strollers come with very intricate harness systems—not something a first-time buyer wants to deal with. That’s not something to worry about with the Milestone, which features a straightforward harness adjustment system.

It is important that parents understand how to use the harness system because it secures the baby into the seat. Graco makes sure that no one will get confused when adjusting the harness, and you’ll find that the Milestone is much easier to master.

Steel reinforced frame

Durability is an attractive trait, especially in a car seat that can do it all like this. That is why the Milestone has a durable stainless steel reinforced frame, which can handle impact better and is generally more durable. A steel-reinforced frame such as this one ensures that the car seat comes unscathed even in dangerous situations.

The Good

  1. Machine washable bottom seat cover

A lot of parents don’t understand how an expensive car seat fails to have easy to remove the padding. Graco is yet to address this, but they have included a machine washable bottom seat cover that helps you keep the car seat pristine.

Not only is the bottom seat cover easy to remove, but it can be washed either by hand or by machine. There’s still a distance to go before we can say we’re fully satisfied with how easy it is to clean the car seat. 

  1. Bubble level helps with installation

A level meter guides you through the set up of the car seat, and you will always know when you’ve not done it correctly. It is a small but beneficial feature, especially for new parents with no frame of reference. Remember, an improperly installed car seat puts its occupant at risk of injury during an accident.

  1. Crash tested for impact resistance

Durable steel-reinforced frame and excellent construction aside, the Milestone has been tested thousands of times for its impact resistance. The manufacturer takes it upon themselves to perform these rigorous crash tests to see how well their product handles collisions and impacts from all directions. Therefore, you can trust that the Graco Milestone will protect your child in the event of an accident.

  1. Affordable

An all-in-one car seat in the sub $200 market is very much a good deal. Despite its stellar features, you don’t have to shell out thousands to get your hands on this car seat. One of its biggest advantages—and the reason why it is such good value for money—is its price tag.

Graco Milestone 3_in_1 convertible car seat

The Bad

  1. Installation is a hassle

The Milestone uses an anchor and belt to stay securely installed. This means moving it from one vehicle to the next is neither easy nor fun. You won’t like using it as much if you constantly have to move it from car to car.

  1. No LATCH system

The absence of a LATCH system makes the Milestone even harder to install in the backseat. Nevertheless, despite the learning curve, you get used to it pretty quickly.

  1. Straps keep twisting

It’s a small issue, but one that’s potentially very annoying: the straps keep twisting themselves, so you have to readjust them every time before you install the seat. Some of the smallest design flaws can drive you nuts, and if you encounter it enough times, this one can drive you straight up a wall.

Final Word

The Graco Milestone is one of the most popular car seats out there today, and it’s easy to see why. Its good build quality speaks volumes about its durability and impact resistance. Adjusting the harness on this car seat is easier than usual, which is good news for new parents, and the removable bottom cover can be hand washed or popped into the washing machine for some cleaning.

The Milestone is literally the only car seat you will need for the entirety of your baby’s childhood. It can be adapted to suit babies of 5 to 100 pounds, and it comes in three modes that can be used on babies of different ages and size.

We hope our review of the Graco Milestone helps you in choosing the right stroller.

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