Graco Affix vs Turbobooster lx

In the beginning, there was the Graco Affix and the Turbobooster, and though the Turbobooster bagged the insurance safety award, consumers preferred the Affix because it could be secured firmly using the LATCH system.

The Turbobooster depended on the weight of the child to hold it down, so there were much wobbling and tipping.

Then when Graco heard these complaints about the Turbobooster, they went ahead to upgrade it to Turbobooster LX with the unique LATCH system. They then introduced the Turbobooster LX as a new model. But customers were quick to notice the similarities between the Graco Affix vs Turbobooster LX.

From the color patterns to the One-latch system, it’s hard to distinguish between the Turbobooster LX and the Affix. In fact, the only difference is that the LX fabric is plusher. So what’s going on? Is Graco a brand tired of coming up with new children’s’ car seat models and just dressing up old models and offering them up for more cash? Because the LX does cost a few more dollars than the Affix. Let’s dig in compare the Graco Turbobooster LX vs Affix and see, shall we?

The Graco Affix

Graco Affix highback booster seat with latch system

The Affix is a highback-2-backless booster car seat loaded with safety and convenience features and a lower latch system with a hook and traps you can use to firmly secure the seat such that there’s no wobbling or tipping around when your baby moves. The Affix is made by Graco, an expert in baby gear manufacturing. It’s been designed and crash-tested to attain or exceed US safety standards FMVSS 213.

What makes the Affix popular is the LATCH system, with unique front-adjustment straps used to secure both the left and right sides of the seat. It makes it easy for children to buckle up themselves. Expect no wobbling. All installation operations can be done with one hand.

  • The unique front-adjustment latch strap makes it easy to tighten the Affix to the car seat with one hand.
  • It includes a cup holder plus a pull-out drawer to store baby products.
  • Converts from a high-back booster to backless booster: 30-100 pounds kid for high-back and 40-100 lbs kid for backless.
  • 6-position headrest
  • Wider car seat depth

What Does the Affix Miss?

While the affix feels more secure, installing the latch is not easy: you’ve got to hook it down then adjust the front straps individually to secure the sides.

The cup holder and drawer are not large enough for sippy and snack cups.

It’s hard to pull out a drawer when the child is sitting.

It can’t fit 3-across as it a wider seat as compared to the LX

The Graco Turbobooster lx

Graco TurboBooster LX Highback booster seat

The Turbobooster lx is a convertible high-back child car seat too from Graco. It includes the one-hand Latch system, unique front Adjust Latch, impact-absorbing foam, multilayer headrest and cup holders just like the Affix. The latch system secures the seat in place, making it easier for the child to self-buckle.

Where the LX Excels

  • Easy to install using the one-hand latch system
  • Stable enough for child self-buckling
  • Plush foam
  • More car seat depth
  • Impact-absorbing headrest and side wings
  • Where the LX fails
  • Single cup-holder
  • Narrower than the Affix
  • Costs about 10 dollars more

Now that you are familiar with both models let’s look at what customers are saying on the Turbobooster LX vs. Affix debate.

Design: The LX has more depth, while Affix is wider.

It’s not easy to tell the LX from the Affix. The fabric color is a mix of scarlet and black in both models. They both have a nicely padded headrest and side wings that, unless you pay attention to the description, you are going to confuse the two models.

You won’t be able to tell them apart using the weights too. The only difference comes in dimensions: The Affix is wider but shallower and shorter a 25.4 X 10.5 x 16.75 inches while the LX is at 26.5 X 15 x 16.5 inches

Weight Rating

Both the LX and the Affix booster seats have a weight rating of 30-100 lbs when used as high-back booster seats. When used in backless mode, they have a 40-100 lbs. Weight rating. So if you are looking something to top 10 pounds, consider models like the Chico kidfit.

Ease of Assembly

Both the LX and the Affix are easy to install thanks to the one-hand latch system. The package comes with clear instructions, and what is more is that the parts have a simple and straightforward seat belt guiding design, making the LX and Affix user-friendly. With the unique front adjustment tightening, the backless youth booster seat to the car seat is a breeze.

baby car seats

You start by installing the seats just like any normal car seats by attaching the latch hook. Then you adjust the front straps individually to secure the left and right side firmly. The beauty of the latch system is that the seat is held down by the hook, straps as well as the child’s weight. That way, children are comfortable to self-buckle without fear of tipping over.

You can use the Latch in back or backrest mode. In backrest, you just need to match the headrest to your child’s height by pressing the button located on top of the seat.

Safety Foam

The LX boasts of more plush foam than the Affix. Both models, however, use the EPS impact-absorbing foam that protects the child from back and side impacts in case of a crush. The LX has been designed and crush-tested to meet or surpass the US safety standard FMVSS 213.


Both the LX and the Affix boasts of a cup-holder plus a hideaway storage drawer to keep kid stuff within arm’s reach. The LX, however, only has a single cup holder while the Affix boasts of a dual cup holder. In both models, you can use one storage for beverages and the drawer for electronics. Just make sure not to overfill the compartment as the drawer gets stuck when opening.


The consumer views are that the Affix booster seat has a better headrest than the LX. It’s more stable and fully-adjustable such that the child can’t outgrow it quickly.

Final Verdict

There’s no clear winner in the Graco Turbobooster LX vs Affix debate. They are both loaded with the same safety and convenience features that make life a breeze for driving parents and their children. The only difference is that the LX is the newer youth booster seat boasting of more depth and plush fabric.

The Affix is an older model and harder to find but more popular because of its dual cup holder and more stable headrest.

In terms of prices, the LX costs $10 more, but prices vary depending on color variants too; if you find an LX priced similar to the Affix, you should take the LX for its plush fabric.

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