Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

baby trend expedition jogger travel system

Should you buy this stroller just for its jogger status? Not necessarily. Read this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review before you make a decision.

If the terrain is smooth enough, joggers are ideal for power walking or some light running. Keep in mind that running too fast can shake the jogger too much, and that doesn’t make for a smooth experience for your loved one. Jogging strollers are better at handling bad rough paths, but you can achieve the same effect with a regular stroller on smooth ground.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system

So, if a jogger isn’t some kind of special stroller that you can run with, then why should you pick a jogger over a regular stroller? Joggers are notoriously good at handling poor terrain because they have bigger, better wheels. That’s not all, most of them feature suspension systems designed to absorb shock and minimize motion in the stroller so that your loved one experiences a smooth ride. They are also more agile and easier to maneuver around tight spots—perks of having a swivel front wheel and wheel suspension.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is one such jogger. Tall, graceful, and exceptionally good on rough paths, a stroller like this would perform excellently on the least traveled paths. It’s built to last, has some very nice customization options, and falls in the sub $200 market, which makes it quite good value for money.

Let’s see what else the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System has to offer.

Quick and easy folding

You cannot ask for a better stroller when it comes to folding ability. The Expedition take seconds when you activate its folding trigger (the hooks on either side of the stroller) to collapse into a compact bundle. It is small enough to fit in a car trunk when folded.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system review folded position

Adjustable canopy and seat

You can retract or extend the canopy as far back or as low as you need it to be. You get a lot of flexibility in terms of range of coverage. Some strollers don’t go all the way up, so to get any sun, your baby has to be outside the stroller. The Expedition takes care of that little issue.

Also, the seat can recline in a number of positions, so you can customize your baby’s comfort levels. They can sleep, explore the world, or even sit up and interact with it as you walk or run along.

Cup holders, storage compartment

The cup holders on the Expedition are extremely useful for feeding the baby on the go. Finally, you can have your morning coffee, jog, stay hydrated, and feed your loved one courtesy of the stroller.

Apart from the cup holders, there’s also a separate storage compartment that’s closed. This is perfect for a diaper bag, some toys, a book or two for you, and other essentials.

Travel system compatible

The Expedition is a travel system. Its seat can be converted into a car seat or reverted back into a stroller. Basically, it is a stroller and a car seat, which means more value for less money.

It clicks into place into your backseat and can be harnessed for further security. You also get various recline positions so your baby stays comfortable even while you’re driving.

Lockable swivel wheel

The front wheel of the Baby Trend Expedition jogger is a swivel wheel that can be locked into place. A locked wheel is more stable on rough terrain and when the jogger is moving at a fast pace. However, a swivel wheel offers more maneuverability and allows you to navigate tight spaces.

You can lock and unlock it to suit different uses.

baby trend expedition jogger travel system stroller review

What you’ll like about the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System:

1. It is easy to maneuver

Whether it’s on flat pavement or rocky gravel, the Expedition jogger is easy to control. Part of this is because it has excellent wheels that are designed with precisely such situations in mind. The swivel front wheel helps a lot when it comes to navigating tight spaces too.

Its front wheel is lockable and this gives you the freedom to run without making the baby uncomfortable.

2. Folds easily and into a compact bundle

You will fall in love with just how easily the Expedition folds. A trigger mechanism buckles it up swiftly into a bundle small enough to fit in the trunk of a coupe. On that score, it is an excellent jogger that can be put away easily and in the blink of an eye.

3. Serves as an infant car seat for babies of up to 30lbs

At some point, you will need a bigger car seat, but until your baby weighs 30 pounds, the Expedition is all the stroller/car seat you need. It’s pretty versatile and capable of accommodating children of up to 50 pounds and 42 inches in height, so your child will stay comfortable all through.

What you won’t like about the Baby Trend Expedition

1. Its size and weight

Joggers are typically larger than usual strollers, and that’s acceptable. The Expedition is no different. It’s not much of an issue until you encounter a really tight passageway (such as a very narrow alley).

Also, the stroller’s car seat is a little on the heavy side. You won’t notice it the first few times, but after a while you’ll find that you need more power to move it from the car to the stroller.

Final Word

This Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System review can be summed up in three words: an excellent jogger. It is built well, sturdy, and equipped with the sort of wheels you’d want to see in a jogger. There’s a lockable swivel wheel that’s great for getting around obstacles quickly, a comfortable seat that reclines, and an adjustable canopy.

The fact that it is a travel system sweetens the deal because you get a car seat and a stroller in one compact bundle. Plus you get all the extra perks of a $200 stroller (cup holder, closed compartment) to make your experience even better. In all respects, the Expedition is a great travel system.

To find you Baby Trend Expedition Jogger be sure to check out Amazon. They usually have the best price and the reviews.


The Only Graco Milestone Review You Need to Read

Graco Milestone 3_in_1 convertible car seat

I’ll admit, had someone told me about this Graco Milestone review when I was looking to buy my first car seat, I would have slapped them in the face for lying to me. An all-in-one convertible car seat that my child can use straight from the hospital all the way to their first 100 pounds? Get out of town, no such thing exists!

But alas! Here is the Graco Milestone, the unbelievably versatile convertible car seat that does it all. A rear-facing infant car seat for babies of 5 to 40 pounds? Check. A forward-facing car seat for toddlers of 20 to 65 pounds? Check. A booster seat for kids of up to 100 pounds? Check, and check again.

Graco Milestone review

It is a fantastic all-in-one convertible car seat that is capable of carrying babies from the newborn stage up until they exit their toddler years. If you’re wondering how this awesome car seat has managed to fly under the radar for so long, it hasn’t. The Milestone is a pretty popular Graco car seat that’s high up there with the Nautilus and the TranZitions.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Three different modes

The Graco Milestone is all the car seat you need for babies between 5 and 100 pounds. That’s right; it is suitable for newborns of as little as 5 pounds as well as toddlers of up to 100 pounds.

Part of the reason why it is so versatile is because it comes with three modes: a rear-facing infant seat mode, a front-facing car seat mode, and a full belt-positioning baby booster mode. From day one, this car seat will serve you properly and provide adequate comfort levels to your baby.

Four-position seat recline

Customizable seat positions give you the freedom to adjust the baby’s comfort levels to their desire. The seat in the Graco Milestone can recline in up to four positions. You can either choose the upright mode, two recline positions, or the fully reclined position, which is great for napping and relaxing kids.

Graco Milestone reclining seat

Removable cup holder

The Graco Milestone car seat comes with a single cup holder that’s very useful when it comes to feeding its occupant. The cup holder can be used to hold baby’s food, beverages, or hydration. If it is in the way, you can easily remove it and store it for later use. It hides away conveniently and is also very easy to retrieve, so you can enjoy the comfort of a dedicated cup holder whenever you need it.

Simple harness adjustment system

Some strollers come with very intricate harness systems—not something a first-time buyer wants to deal with. That’s not something to worry about with the Milestone, which features a straightforward harness adjustment system.

It is important that parents understand how to use the harness system because it secures the baby into the seat. Graco makes sure that no one will get confused when adjusting the harness, and you’ll find that the Milestone is much easier to master.

Steel reinforced frame

Durability is an attractive trait, especially in a car seat that can do it all like this. That is why the Milestone has a durable stainless steel reinforced frame, which can handle impact better and is generally more durable. A steel-reinforced frame such as this one ensures that the car seat comes unscathed even in dangerous situations.

The Good

  1. Machine washable bottom seat cover

A lot of parents don’t understand how an expensive car seat fails to have easy to remove the padding. Graco is yet to address this, but they have included a machine washable bottom seat cover that helps you keep the car seat pristine.

Not only is the bottom seat cover easy to remove, but it can be washed either by hand or by machine. There’s still a distance to go before we can say we’re fully satisfied with how easy it is to clean the car seat. 

  1. Bubble level helps with installation

A level meter guides you through the set up of the car seat, and you will always know when you’ve not done it correctly. It is a small but beneficial feature, especially for new parents with no frame of reference. Remember, an improperly installed car seat puts its occupant at risk of injury during an accident.

  1. Crash tested for impact resistance

Durable steel-reinforced frame and excellent construction aside, the Milestone has been tested thousands of times for its impact resistance. The manufacturer takes it upon themselves to perform these rigorous crash tests to see how well their product handles collisions and impacts from all directions. Therefore, you can trust that the Graco Milestone will protect your child in the event of an accident.

  1. Affordable

An all-in-one car seat in the sub $200 market is very much a good deal. Despite its stellar features, you don’t have to shell out thousands to get your hands on this car seat. One of its biggest advantages—and the reason why it is such good value for money—is its price tag.

Graco Milestone 3_in_1 convertible car seat

The Bad

  1. Installation is a hassle

The Milestone uses an anchor and belt to stay securely installed. This means moving it from one vehicle to the next is neither easy nor fun. You won’t like using it as much if you constantly have to move it from car to car.

  1. No LATCH system

The absence of a LATCH system makes the Milestone even harder to install in the backseat. Nevertheless, despite the learning curve, you get used to it pretty quickly.

  1. Straps keep twisting

It’s a small issue, but one that’s potentially very annoying: the straps keep twisting themselves, so you have to readjust them every time before you install the seat. Some of the smallest design flaws can drive you nuts, and if you encounter it enough times, this one can drive you straight up a wall.

Final Word

The Graco Milestone is one of the most popular car seats out there today, and it’s easy to see why. Its good build quality speaks volumes about its durability and impact resistance. Adjusting the harness on this car seat is easier than usual, which is good news for new parents, and the removable bottom cover can be hand washed or popped into the washing machine for some cleaning.

The Milestone is literally the only car seat you will need for the entirety of your baby’s childhood. It can be adapted to suit babies of 5 to 100 pounds, and it comes in three modes that can be used on babies of different ages and size.

We hope our review of the Graco Milestone helps you in choosing the right stroller.

Be sure find you Graco Milestone on Amazon for the best price here.


Graco Tranzitions Review – A Combination Seat Worth Your Attention

graco tranzitions car seats

If you’re looking for a higher weight combination seat without the extra bulk, the Graco Tranzitions is exactly what you need. Read on to find out why.

Before we dive into this Graco Tranzitions review, it’s good to point out that Graco changed the game by introducing the first higher weight combination seat back in 2007. The Nautilus offers excellent weight support as well as a booster mode, but along with it comes a lot of extra bulk.

Its faults notwithstanding, the Nautilus is still one of the best combination seats in the market. However, the Tranzitions is better, and it’s mainly for one reason: it is a slimmer, lighter version of the Nautilus.

The Graco Transitions combination seat is an improvement of the Nautilus in a number of ways. However, the fact that it is slim enough to leave room for another car seat is by far its best attribute.

Let’s take a closer look at the Tranzitions to see how Graco have improved upon Nautilus’ quirks and addressed its biggest flaw.

graco tranzitions review proof

What You’ll Like With Your Graco Tranzition


1. Affordable

As far as sub-$100 car seats go, the TranZitions is good value. It features a blow-molded plastic frame, which isn’t as durable as the steel frame in the Nautilus, but just as good.

Of course, there are some sacrifices to make when manufacturing quality but affordable car seats, which is why Graco does away with the EPS foam lining. In a collision or emergency stop, the TranZitions still provides adequate protection.

2. Lightweight

The Graco TranZitions car seat benefits from its plastic construction in terms of weight reduction. It is only 12.5 pounds heavy, making it extremely portable and suitable for travel.

Admittedly, not many of us consider this when buying a car seat, but its weight is especially important if you’re planning on traveling. Carrying a bulky booster seat through an airport is as bad as it sounds.
It’s easier to install, too, because you can lift it and adjust it effortlessly until it’s securely set up.

3. Narrower!

A lot of parents that admired the Nautilus couldn’t help but wish that it was just a bit narrower. Graco has addressed this concerned excellently by making the TranZitions 17.5 inches wide at its widest end.

This means you have less car seat to deal with, which is always welcome. It also means that should you need to, most cars will fit two of these. Parents can keep both their toddlers securely strapped in the front-facing combination seats.

4. Great features

Despite its smaller profile, the TranZitions can still carry up to 65 pounds and has a lower weight limit of 22 pounds. It provides full-body support for kids as tall as 27 to 49 inches and registers a back booster weight range of up to 100 pounds.

It comes with cup holders, but installing them is up to you. Out of the box, you’ll see them facing inward, and all you need to do is spin them around and into their holders until you hear a click.

The combination seat has been crash-tested severally, so don’t be daunted by the fact that it’s made from plastic. It has good energy management and can protect its occupants from injury in a collision from any direction.

graco tranzitions review proof

5. Easy to install

The Graco Transitions car seat can be installed in a number of ways:

  • Harnessed mode

You can wrap the seat belt around the back of the car seat to secure it. This won’t work for vehicles with front-anchored shoulder belts. It should be anchored at the back and beyond the seat.

  • Using lower anchors

Lower anchors and top tethers can be used to secure the seat, but only for children under 45 pounds. There needs to be a tether anchor for the top tether. The lower anchors can be your usual J-hook connectors.

  • Using top tether seat belt

You can also install the TranZitions using a top-tether seatbelt provided it’s tied to a tether anchor. This method can be used for kids weighing 22 to 65 pounds.

What You Won’t Like Graco Tranzitions Car Seat

1. Doesn’t recline

Granted it is cheaper than the Nautilus, which comes with three recline positions, it is still disappointing that the TranZitions doesn’t recline. It can get uncomfortable sitting in one position for long periods of time.
It makes up for this by including plenty of padding, which goes a way to make the ride less tiresome.

2. Lower impact absorption ability

It’s true that the TranZitions car seat has been tested severally, and will protect its occupants in emergency situations. However, plastic is still just plastic—it can’t be compared to steel.
The lack of EPS impact-absorbing foam lining is also mildly concerning, but there’s plenty of padding in the seat to absorb the shock from a collision.

3. No locking clip

Though it doesn’t come with a locking clip right out of the box, most vehicles later than 1996 already have this. If yours doesn’t, Graco will provide one if you call them and place an order.

Graco TranZitions vs Nautilus

graco tranzitions car seats

They are similar, and one of them is already considered one of the best in the market, but which one is better? The Nautilus or the TranZitions?

The Nautilus is stronger, bulkier, and has slightly better protections (such as EPS foam lining and steel frame). Nevertheless, it is not the most compact car seat you’ve ever seen, and certainly won’t allow you to fit more than one in the backseat.

That’s where the TranZitions triumphs; when space is in short supply. It’s narrower profile allows it to fit in considerably smaller spaces. Plus, it comes with nearly all the excellent features of the Nautilus, some of which have been improved upon.

Final Word

Despite its few shortcomings, the TranZitions is an excellent car seat. This Graco TranZitions review shows that its biggest attribute is its size and weight, which make it a slimmed-down version of the tried and tested Nautilus.

As for its price, there’s great value for money in this sub-$100 car seat, which has pretty decent features, great usability, and overall decent build quality.

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Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Reviews

Evenflo Pivot modular travel system

Modular travel system designs are a mom’s best friend, and if they are as cheap as the Evenflo Pivot Modular, the better! I hope you find our Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System review helpful in helping you find the right travel system.

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System includes everything you are going to need for your baby from infancy to the time they are ready to hit the school. It’s been loaded with features that make it goddamn versatile; it converts to a pram, a travel system, or a toddler stroller, whichever suits your fancy.  And what is more, it comes with the Evenflo SafeMax infant car seat, how cool!

Let’s break down the nooks and cranny using our review of the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, but without swirling in the deep, nerdy stuff.

  1. Pram option

The Pivot Modular transforms into a bassinet very easily. Use the one-handed lever to push the back down, then undo the buckle underneath the seat, and the Pivot Stroller converts into a pram bassinet environment or Carrycot.

To make the Carrycot even easier to grab, remove the snack tray from the bumper bar then fit the bumper bar back into position. The pram goes up and down smoothly when you turn it into a toddler seat.

What is lovely about the pram is that it can go up and down when you use a toddler seat. And what’s even more lovely is there are two ways to adjust the position of the basinet: You can choose to lower or lift the whole bassinet or recline the backrest just a little bit using a strap.

You can also reverse the pram such that the child faces you and lift the canopy, so they stay protected from horrible weather. There’s no footrest at the bottom of the seat, though, but you are going to love the rubberized fabric where the feet and shoe rest – it’s easy to clean. There’s also a foot-muff cover for your baby’s feet.

The seat can accommodate up to 50 pounds and measures 12-inches wide with a 17-inch seatback. It also features an adjustable 5-point harness with easy-to-use buckles that pop open with the push of a button.

  1. Toddler mode

When the baby has developed neck and head control and can finally sit unassisted, you can move him/her to the toddler mode. The toddler seating position can be flat or inclined too. For comfortable naps when strolling, lower the seat all the way down. This full recline position also makes diaper-changing easy.

The toddler seat boasts of a foam-covered handlebar that is positioned 40-inches from the ground and not adjustable. On the side of the handlebar is a removable parent cup holder that holds into position well even when folding the toddler seat.

  1. Evenflo Safe-Max Infant Car Seat

Evenflo Safe Max Infant Car Seat

The last part of the Evenflo 3-in-1 Pivot Modular Travel System is the new-born baby seat option.  The Safe-Max Infant car seat comes with a Safe-Zone Base that you can keep in you. It also features a carrying handle for lifting the seat in and out of your vehicle. The seat is impressively lightweight (at 8lbs), and even with the baby in it, you can still comfortably lift it by the carrying handle.

Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat is suitable for 4-35 lbs babies. It easily installs in the car in a single click; no adapters are needed.  Safety features include the impact-absorbing base, soft fabric, and the anti-rebound bar that stops forward motion during accidents. There’s also a cushioned head and back support.

The 50 lbs maximum weight means you still get to use the infant car seat in your stroller until the baby is old enough for the toddler seat. The sitting position can be forward or rear-facing.

Now that you are familiar with the Evenflo Pivot modular design let’s lack at hits and misses. 

Evenflo Pivot modular travel system

How does the Evenflo Pivot Modular Excel?

  • 3-in-1 Design– The ability to convert from an infant to toddler and bassinet carrycot makes this a mom’s best friend. No adapters are needed to fit the Evenflo SafeMax infant car seat onto the stroller frame.
  • The Price– A high-quality, durable, safe, and modular travel system costs less than $300.
  • Extra-large storage basket – Underneath the pivot is a basket that can take up to 3 children diaper bags, blankets, etc. You can access the basket both from the front and back of the stroller.
  • Bumper bar with snack tray– The Pivot Modular features a removable bumper bar with a snack tray. The bumper bar is not swing-away but comes off easily by the push of a button. The tray too can be removed, and the bumper bar turns into a nice carrying handlebar.
  • The rubberized footrest fabric– The fabric where the feat and shoe rest is easy to clean.
  • The peek-a-boo window on the canopy– There’s meshed ventilation for air to reach the baby. This see-through fabric also allows the parent to take a peek at the baby when the seat is front-facing.
  • The Ergonomic handlebaris well padded and only 40-inches high from the ground, making it comfortable even for short and average-height parents.

Where the Pivot Travel System Modular Design Fails

While the Evenflo Pivot multi-functional design, you can expect some inconveniences from the following features:

  • The canopy– While it’s a 3-panel canopy with a mesh peek-a-boo window, it’s doesn’t go all the way to the baby bumper guard.
  • The smooth-surface wheels– The Pivot stroller spots cruiser tires that are good for smooth urban surfaces only.  The front-wheel swivel but cannot be locked so maneuverability issues may arise. Therefore, while the Pivot Modular is a delightful urban stroller, it cannot handle uneven gravel pathways and streets.
  • The double-action brakes– The Pivot Modular uses a double action brake located next to the rear wheels. The wheels have to be locked independently. And while the brakes lift and press quickly, the system could do well with a single-action brake.
  • Foldability– While the Pivot Modular folds quickly into a slim profile for transportation in the car trunk when it comes to decompressing, both hands have to be used.
  • The 40-inch high un-adjustable handlebar is not convenient for 6ft 3” parents.

To sum up, while the Pivot Modular could do with a little upgrade for all-terrain use, for city moms, this 3-in-1 travel system delivers as promised and doesn’t cost a fortune.  The convertible seat is a wonderful concept: From one piece of gear, you’ve got two seating options as the toddler seat transforms into a bassinet environment. The Pivot Modular could be your primary accessory!

I hope you found our Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System review helpful.  You can find your travel system here on Amazon.

Maxi Cosi Travel System Review – Find the Best Stroller

Maxi Cosi offers several models of baby strollers to suit varied age groups. Their products are of high quality, safe, innovative, stylish, and comfortable with machine-washable parts.

Dorel Juvenile is the company behind the Maxi Cosi travel system. The other brands it offers are Quinny, Tiny Love, and Safety 1st.

If you are traveling and running errands with a child is easier when you have the right baby stroller. There is a wide range of brands to consider purchasing. As you read articles on different online platforms, you might come across the Maxi Cosi Travel System.

Note that a travel system encompasses three tools a stroller, carrycot, and car seat. Maxi Cosi has several of such systems for you to purchase and enjoy the convenience of using one item for three different purposes.

Below are some of the travel systems that Maxi Cosi offers.

Mazi Cosi Zelia 5 in 1 StrollerMaxi Cosi Zelia 5-in-1 Travel System

The Zelia 5-in-1 travel system is a versatile product available in one size and a stunning black exterior. It is usable in five different modes and features a Maxi Cosi’s Mico 30 car seat, a car base, and a flexible stroller. The rear-facing seat can carry a child as heavy as 5-30 pounds and detaches easily from the stroller. It also wicks away moisture to keep your baby warm, cool, and dry.

You can recline the stroller to multiple positions to foster comfort and eliminate fatigue. However, its reversible carriage mode allows you to use the pushchair in a forward-facing direction too. The impact safety on the sides protects your child’s head to prevent harm and injuries. With the expandable canopy, Zelia provides your child with an adequate cover for shade. The canopy flips out and has a window that allows you to easily glance at your baby while on the go.

Zelia 5-in-1 model weighs 21 pounds only to make it easy to carry around as you move from one place to another. It can accommodate children weighing up to 50 pounds. It provides a spacious basket to safely carry different essentials. The travel system folds into a compact tool to save on storage space. It has an adjustable handle that lets you use the stroller at a comfortable height.

For extra comfort, the manufacturer adds a head insert to support your baby’s head. Remove the seat pad and machine wash. The flexible base comes with a latch for secure installation.

Maxi Cosi Lila Travel System


Maxi Cosi Lila stroller

Lila is the latest model from Maxi Cosi offering such a creative design. Purchase the duo kit separately and attach it to the stroller. That way, you can carry two kids at a go on the same stroller. Lila is perfect for use from birth to when your child is around three and a half years. It can carry 15 kg of weight comfortably.

The product has an ergonomic inlay made of memory foam that provides newborns with the support and comfort he needs. You can easily convert the seat into a flat bassinet. Besides, the company incorporates a reversible thermoregulated mattress, which has a breathable 3D mesh that makes the summer bearable and a soft fleece that provides warmth during cold weather.

That is not all. You can fold Lila using one hand. Keep your valuables in the roomy shopping basket. Besides, with Maxi Cosi’s SmoothRide wheel technology, your baby gets to enjoy long strolls without feeling the bumps.

Laika Travel System

If you are looking for a small, compact, yet comfortable Maxi Cosi stroller, try their Laika version. It takes up less space, thus usable on the street. The model useful for kids of up to three and a half years and can carry a maximum weight of 15kg.

It is ultra-light, flexible, and foldable using one hand. The shoulder strap helps with portability while the extra padding provides additional cushioning to ensure comfort. With two clicks, you can add a carrycot or a car seat on the Laika stroller.

Adorra 2.0 Modular Travel System

adorra travel stroller

Adorra is a premium quality Maxi Cosi travel system compatible with the Mico Max 30 car seat. The carriage mode reclines while the Cozi-Dozi inserts offer extra support for small babies. However, the car seat has inbuilt impact protection to ensure comfort and safety. The seat provides extra safety, as it incorporates a rebound protection bar.

When the weather is hot, the visor protects your kid from harsh UV rays. Us the rear-facing mode on the stroller to maintain eye contact with your little one. To aid easy cleaning, Maxi Cosi’s car seat and stroller pads are machine-washable. You can also use a dryer on them.

This product folds for space-saving storage and has a big storage basket to hold a few items. For instance it can carry 4-30 pounds and has an adjustable base for secure setup. The self-wicking fabric keeps your baby dry throughout and prevents the buildup of odors. With the adjustable height of the stroller it can be adjusted to a level that does not strain your hands.

Despite Maxi Cosi providing a variety of travel systems, they have several common features. For instance, the pushchairs are comfortable, high quality, adjustable, lightweight, and foldable. They consist of soft, breathable materials that keep your baby dry no matter how hot it gets. The inserts are easy to remove to allow machine washing and drying. Maxi offers other products besides the ones we have discussed. Use the review as a guide to making the right purchasing decision.

What are users saying?

Despite their being mixed reactions, most users are happy with the Maxi Cosi travel systems. They are well-built, sturdy, compact, and flexible. Buyers appreciate the fact that the products are lightweight to reduce fatigue when carrying. The few complaints cannot outweigh the pros that Maxi Cos brands provide. Besides, there are scenarios where what one user complains about is not an issue for another buyer.

Final Thoughts

Maxi Cosi is a reliable travel system brand that has many people talking. Its dual kit sets it apart from the competition, as it allows you to carry two kids in the same stroller. The products we have reviewed are examples of what to expect from the company.

We hope this Maxi Cosi Travel System Review is helpful. Be sure to check out Amazon for all you Maxi Cosi Strollers. It is our favorite place to shop and usually they have the lowest prices.

Send us your opinion about the review in the comment section.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Review – A Mini Stroller with a Mini Price Tag


It has been labeled as average on paper, but in the real world, Baby Jogger’s City Mini outperforms most of its critics’ reviews. Our Baby Jogger City Mini review will help explain things in more detail.

Baby Jogger is a stroller manufacturer with decades of experience under their belt. Still, not all their products reflect the level of quality expected from decades of perfecting their craft. In this review, we look at the City Mini, one of their budget strollers, in an attempt to highlight what they’ve done right and where they could do better.

Baby Jogger City Mini Overview


The City Mini is one of Baby Jogger’s mid-tier offerings. You will like it because of its compactness, its lightness, and more importantly, its reasonable price tag.

You will love it for its weight—it weighs just a little over 17 pounds when folded—and its folding mechanism. Maneuvering this stroller through tight spaces will not be a problem either. It pushes (strolls?) like a dream, and Baby Jogger deserve props for making it less of a headache to walk (or jog) with a baby.

Now for the downsides.

Most reviewers have a problem with the City Mini because of two things. The first is its peek-a-boo window, which suffers from some unfortunate placement. The second is the storage. Though ample, accessing said storage is not an easy task.

Are these two downsides big enough deal-breakers? You be the judge. Before you go writing off the City Mini, however, let’s take a closer look at it.


• Weight: 17.6 pounds (when folded)

• Max weight capacity: 33.1 pounds

• Canopy: Adjustable UB 50+ Sun Canopy

• Swivel front wheels with suspension

• 2 peek-a-boo windows

• Patented Single-Step Quick Fold technology

Build Quality

Despite being bought out by Newell Rubbermaid four years ago, not much has changed in the design of the Baby Jogger stroller. The City Mini, in particular, has an average build quality—nothing to write home about. Does its performance suffer because of this? A little, to be frank.

Still, the build quality is not all that bad, especially if you consider how light the stroller is. You’ll start to appreciate its lack of dense materials when it’s time to fold it up and lug it around.


Folding the City Mini is a breeze of a task, thanks to its single-step folding mechanism. Just pull on the fold handle under the seat (it is clearly labeled “pull to fold”) and voila! The stroller folds effortlessly into half.

This one-handed fold mechanism is accompanied by an automatic lock, which means you won’t have to fumble around for more knobs to lock it. What you might not like is that it doesn’t stand on its own when folded. The chances of toppling it over as you hurriedly pack it up? Pretty high.


The canopy on the City Mini is large enough to cover your baby all the way to their knees, thankfully. More than that, it provides SPF 50+ protection from the sun.

There are few mistakes to point out here, but it would be unfair not to mention the terribly placed peek-a-boo windows. The windows can be opened or shut using hook and loop closures. Even so, most users found their placement very uncomfortable.


The leg rest on the City Mini is non-adjustable, although it is comfortably padded. The seat itself can recline via an easy-to-use recline adjustment mechanism. Interestingly, City Mini have kept the seat-back plain and flat. This is much more comfortable to nap on.


The harness is secure enough, being a 5-point harness and all. Adjusting it is not easy, especially if you’ve been blessed with large hands.

The harness must be re-threaded from the back, which is only accessible via a pocket that you can’t see into. There are two layers of harness, and the back layer is quite difficult to get to. However, if you get it right, you won’t have to worry about it being secure enough.


The bin below the seat can accommodate items of up to 10 pounds in weight. Not a lot, but also not too little. In any case, you won’t have any problems stashing away your diaper bag and a few toys.

Accessing storage is a whole different story. It is easy enough to fit a medium-sized bag from the back or sides, but thanks to an unfortunate design flaw in the form of a curved support bar, fitting larger bags can be an unwinnable battle.

Moving on, there is also a mesh pocket behind the seat where you can stash a magazine, a bottle, or whatever else you need to access quickly.


Single-action brakes are used to keep the City Mini immobile. The company has made it easy enough to access the brakes by installing a center pedal. You release the pedal either by pressing it again (pressing it once activates the brakes) or by giving it a slight lift from underneath.

If you don’t like reaching down every time you’ve got to stop the stroller, nudge it into position with your foot, and you’re good to go (or stop, to be more accurate).

Car Seat Functionality

You can get a compatible car seat adapter if you wish to turn the City Mini into a car seat. It is easy enough to do with a universal car seat, but if you prefer getting an adapter under the Baby Jogger brand, there is one available too.

Do You Want the City Mini or the City Mini 2?


Baby Jogger have also released a second version of the City Mini, the City Mini 2. Is there much of a difference between the two?

Well, the City Mini 2 has a larger canopy that’s also slightly different design-wise. Unlike the City Mini, it comes with an adjustable leg rest. Some might say that it is lighter and/or a bit more compact than its predecessor. I say that the difference is marginal at best.

The two strollers share a lot of similarities, nevertheless. For instance, Baby Jogger has retained the dual front wheel design, so in terms of maneuverability, you’re not missing much either way.

The Verdict

It might look basic—cheap even—but the City Mini is as decent as they come; at least at this price point. The pros? Excellent value for money, easy to fold, decent usability, and a nice balance between weight, capacity, and comfort. Apart from a few unfortunate flaws here and there, this is not a bad stroller at all.

Looking for a Stroller? Our Babyzen Yoyo Stroller Review Might Help

a review about the Babyzen Yoyo stroller

If you are reading this article, it means you need a stroller to give you an easy time moving around with your baby. The Babyzen Yoyo Stroller review you are about to read should assist you in determining whether the product is worth your money or not.

Babyzen is a French brand that provides the Yoyo series of strollers. Yoyo is lightweight and folds up easily for comfortable carrying. Besides, it is available in several colors, including aqua and toffee shades. Continue reading our review to know more about the Babyzen Yoyo stroller.

a review about the Babyzen Yoyo stroller


You can always convert the standard Yoyo 6 month plus (6+) stroller into an item suitable to carry newborns and babies of up to six months. To do so, simply swap the 6+ fabric with the 0+ fabric. You need to buy the newborn pack separately to be able to use the stroller in such a manner.

The pack is soft and consists of Sherpa fleece lining to ensure your child is comfortable. It rests flat on the 6+ frame to protect your newborn’s delicate body and has a reinforced nest pad for extra security. It also folds into a compact load for easy carrying.

With such a configuration, you can use the Yoyo stroller as your child develops from a newborn to an older kid without having to buy another stroller. The pushchair is compatible with a car seat from Be Safe by the name iZi Go Modular, which you purchase separately.

To aid set up, Babyzen comes with two adaptors to help you attach the seat to the stroller frame in a matter of two clicks. This way, you do not have to worry about strenuous car seat set up. Besides, there is no need to remove the fabric covers on the stroller to have the seat in place.

Note that the infant stroller set up, which uses a newborn pack, is shorter than the 6+ installation. However, the latter has a longer height to fit tall kids. Both of them use a canopy with UPF 50+ protection.


According to the official Babyzen website, Yoyo was the first stroller to be recognized as cabin luggage. Air France Airline allowed it on its planes instantly. It folds easily into a compact size to fit in a plane compartment; the folding mechanism also helps save storage space for other items.

Unfolding the stroller is simple as well. When folded, the strap it comes with helps with portability. You can steer Yoyo using one hand to free your other arm from fatigue or use it to hold something else.

The 5-point harness ensures secure installation to prevent accidents while the two-position pop-up canopy is a convenient addition to the stroller. The manufacturer goes ahead to provide a headrest for additional support and comfort and a foot cover to protect your baby’s feet from the harsh sunshine.


Depending on the version you are buying, this stroller brand weighs 13.6-14.5lbs. It is half the size of an ordinary umbrella stroller and can carry a child as heavy as 33 pounds. The 4-wheel suspension ensures smooth driving that shields you from feeling the bumps.

Yoyo’s rain cover provides additional protection when it starts to drizzle. Its canopy, on the other hand, is extendable to offer your child more cover.


Yoyo has a flexible backrest that inclines to different angles and has a maximum inclination of 145. This way, your little one is not stuck in one position for hours in case you are out for a while. The padding on the stroller increases comfort as well.

The fact that you can use it for newborns and kids older than six months by swapping the packs makes this model even more flexible. When folded, it measures 20.47’’ by 17.32’’ by 7.08’’.


Yoyo comes with a large storage basket that fits the stroller properly. You do not have to buy a separate carry bag for that matter. Its lightweight structure allows you to comfortably carry it when on the go without fatigue and accidental drops. The exterior fabric comes off easily and is machine-washable to ensure you keep your child’s stroller clean all the time.

What are buyers saying?

Besides knowing the features of the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller, it is crucial to know customer opinions from people who have already used this brand. In general, users are happy with the design of the stroller and its performance. They applaud the fact that it does not weigh much making it great for travel.

Buyers also like that Yoyo folds into a compact tool and collapsing it is easy. One user appreciates that the manufacturer remembers to add a shoulder strap in the package to help with carrying Yoyo after folding. The comfort this product provides, the extendable leg rest, and a tall canopy are other aspects that users like about it.

Nevertheless, one user complains about the stroller tipping if driven using one hand. However, you can always find balance and prevent it from leaning to one side. Babyzen’s Yoyo is a worthwhile purchase, as it offers multiple desirable features regardless of the countable complaints, which can be subjective.

Package Contents
• One frame
• One reversible backrest
• One seat base
• A rain cover
• 2 canopy wires
• 1 shopping basket
• A shoulder strap
• 1 cover bag
• A user’s guide

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller has a warranty of 2 years, which is a reasonable period. If you need Yoyo alternatives, keep in mind Baby Jogger Mini and Maxi Cosi Travel System.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a stroller that your newborn can utilize as the years progress, Babyzen Yoyo is worth considering. It is a versatile, portable, lightweight product that allows you to make adjustments to suit our needs. It is also comfortable and folds up neatly for easy carrying and saving space.

Remove the stroller’s fabric and machine-wash it to maintain hygiene. Besides, you can install the BeSafe iZi car seat using the provided adaptors. Remember that different airlines accept this stroller as cabin luggage.

However, it is prudent that you check the set regulations of the flight you want to use before carrying a stroller with you to the airport.

If you are thinking about a Babyzen Yoyo Stroller  one of the best places to look is Amazon. Click here to get more info on Amazon.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller review. Leave a comment in the section below.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review – Get The Facts

You’re here because you’re shopping for a stroller. Maybe it’s your first time stroller shopping, maybe you’re looking to replace an old one. In any case, let me introduce you to the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.

Chicco™ is well known in the stroller/car seat industry. Their quality is exceptional, and quite often they release a product that seems too good to be true. The Chicco Trio Travel System is one such system.

For starters, this is a car seat that transforms into a stroller with a few quick tweaks. This is quite a rare find—not many car seat manufacturers are capable of such bold design moves.

Anyway, the stroller is bound to impress at first glance. However, you’re not here to be impressed, but rather to find value. Does the Chicco Bravo Travel System offer any value? Is it worth your time and hard-earned money?

We explore it in-depth to answer these and more questions.


• Fits 4 to 30-pound infants

• Weighs 46.3 pounds

• One-hand fold stroller

• Auto-positioning plastic swivel wheels

• One-touch rear parking brakes

• Washable fabrics

• Accessory tray/sunglasses dock/cup holder

• 3 reclining positions (including fully upright and flat)

• LATCH system connections

• Adjustable handle height

• Quick-install car seat

• Fully retractable canopy

• Eight color choices

What’s to Love about the Chicco Trio Travel System?

Transforms Quickly from Car Seat to Stroller

Before you write this off as just another marketing gimmick, you should know that the Chicco Travel System does exactly what it says on the box. You can transform it from a car seat to a stroller in seconds.

If you already have the Chicco Key Fit 30 Car Seat, then all you need is the accompanying frame. It transforms with exceptional ease, and you’ll find that moving your baby from the car to the stroller is a much easier task with this travel system.

Easy-to-Clean Fabric

A mixture of hand-washable and machine-washable fabrics make up the Chicco car seat. Keeping it clean will be the least of your worries. As an added bonus, the available color schemes blend well with several vehicles and home interiors, so the travel system will never be an eyesore no matter where you set it up.

Plenty of Storage Space

Let’s talk about the available storage space on the Chicco Travel System. First, you’ve got this massive basket at the bottom of the stroller that’s accessible from all directions. Then, there is a console that can hold a drink, your glasses, your phone, or even a camera while you push the stroller.

You never really know how much storage you need until you find yourself lacking space. That’s not something you’ll ever worry about with the Chicco Travel System, because it offers space in abundance.

Adjustable Padded Seat

Chicco™ has paid a lot of attention to the seat, and the result is exceptional. First, it is comfortably padded, so your child can ride in the stroller all day without feeling sore or tired. Second, the seat is fully adjustable. You can position it to be flat, upright, slightly reclined, and almost horizontal—whatever the situation calls for.

This adds a touch of convenience because your baby can feed while upright or have a nice little nap while fully horizontal. What’s more, there’s a recline level indicator as well as a bubble level to help you adjust the seat to the perfect orientation.

LATCH System

This review would not be complete without a mention of the LATCH system in the Chicco Trio Travel System. Not only does it secure the seat to the frame or car seat, making it safer, but it also makes it very easy to install.

I’ve always wondered why manufacturers insist on making car seats so darn hard to install. It is why the Chicco Trio Travel System is such a breath of fresh air. The LATCH system basically does all the work for you—the alignment part is usually the hardest—and assures you that everything’s set with a satisfying “click.”

You can get the job done with a pull of the handle under the seating pad, which, incidentally, also causes the stroller to fold automatically. It also locks the wheels in position so that the whole thing doesn’t topple over. Talk about convenience.

Narrow, Navigable Build

I especially recommend the Chicco Bravo Travel System if you anticipate traveling through tight spaces. That’s because it has a narrow build that’s easy to navigate using one hand.

It is astounding that it’s so narrow because it has all that padding in the seat. Nevertheless, I’m certainly not complaining, and neither will you once you take it for a spin in a crowded street.

Adjustable Handle Height

If you and your spouse are of wildly different heights, you might find this stroller’s adjustable handle height to be a godsend. Adjusting the height of the handle is a quick affair, so taking turns pushing the stroller won’t be such a difficult matter anymore.

I love that you can adjust the handle to different settings per every inch. It gives you a lot of control and makes the stroller easier to manage.

Durable Plastic Wheels

Here’s the good: plastic wheels are very durable. You won’t find it difficult to push the stroller even over cobblestone. However, they do have a downside, and it can be significant. Plastic doesn’t always yield the best traction, especially on slick surfaces.

Nevertheless, no complaints have been made about the stroller slipping thus far, so there is no reason to worry about this. The front wheels are about 7 inches in diameter, while the rear wheels are at 9 inches. They offer decent performance, are virtually puncture-proof, and can handle different terrain with ease.

Retractable Canopy

The Chicco Trio Travel System comes with a canopy over-top. It means you can take your baby out on a sunny day and they will be safe from the harsh rays of the sun. This canopy retracts fully, but it can also be extended to cover the seat completely for maximum privacy.

What You Might Not Like

The Weight

It weighs 23 pounds when empty. Don’t expect to get on any flight with this stroller as a carry-on. You’ll notice that the seat looks bigger than normal car seats, so naturally, it weighs slightly more.

The Brakes

They get stuck too often for my liking. Luckily, all they do is keep the stroller at a complete standstill, so your baby is always safe. It will take a while to get used to such awkward brakes, but I can’t say that they don’t get the job done.


Is this enough stroller for your baby? It certainly is. It’s more than just a stroller, in fact. The Chicco Trio Travel System is an excellent piece of tech that allows you to combine your car seat and stroller into one convenient travel system. Apart from convenience, the other thing you’ll get in abundance is value for money. A great buy all round, and an excellent investment for parents.