Uppababy VISTA vs City Select

Both the UPPAbaby VISTA and the Baby Jogger City Select are convertible strollers, i.e., single strollers that can be converted to double strollers by adding a second seat. This modular design makes the City Select and the UPPAbaby VISTA popular among families that are still planning to grow.

But while considering the UPPAbaby vs the City Select, it’s easy to narrow down on which stroller suits your family-specific needs by looking at a few features.

For example, the best part of the VISTA is its all-wheel suspension and leather highlights that has some calling it the buggy’s Rolls Royce. On the other hand, what makes the Baby Jogger City Select beautiful is that you can seat your two children to face each other. Do you wish to learn more differences between these two intuitive pushchair designs? Stick around for the review.


With the VISTA’s modular design, you can configure it to take two stroller seats, infant car seats or bassinets and still stroll like a single. You can get the original VISTA or the 2019 version, which boasts of premium fabric and extra color options.

Highlights of the VISTA include;

  • An All-Wheel Suspension
  • It comes loaded with accessories
  • a Bumper bar
  • one bassinet
  • a rain cover
  • a bug covers and a bassinet bug cover,
  • storage bag
  • impact-absorbing Foam-Filled tires
  • lighter than the City Select
  • 13-seat configuration
  • leather-covered handlebars
  • 3-year warranty
  • can be configured to hold up to 3 children
  • one-step fold upper seat
  • Suitable for 3 months to 50 lbs babies
  • Rumble seat/ bassinet
  • Birth to 20 pound babies
  • Foot-brake system

The Baby Jogger City Select

The City Select, too, boasts of intuitive design with up to 16 different seating combinations. You can set your kids to face you, face each other or the world. The package though does not come with accessories like the bassinet and canopy, unlike the VISTA package. You can get the original City Select or the 2019 version that boasts of a modernized look, premium fabric, and neutral colors.

Highlights of the City Select include:

  • 16 different seat configurations
  • Handlebar parking is possible with handbrake system
  • Proprietary quick-fold technology
  • 45-pound maximum baby weight for both upper and lower seat
  • Plastic and Foam-filled tires
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • 1-year warranty
  • Plastic handlebars

Now that you are accustomed to the highlights of the Uppababy vs. the City Select. How do you choose one that suits your family’s needs?

Price and Accessories

Add-ons are what makes it possible to configure both the VISTA and City Select to suit various family-specific needs. Here’s a look at how the two pushchairs perform when it comes to packaging.

The VISTA packaging costs more and includes a bumper bar; bassinet; bassinet bug canopy, bassinet storage; all-weather canopy. The City Select requires one to pay for accessories separately. Here’s the price breakdown:

Single Stroller VISTA – Priced at $899.99 to $959.99, depending on the version. Double Stroller VISTA – $1089.98 upwards. Single stroller City Select – $423.99 to $539.99 depending on the version. Double stroller City Select – $600 to $720


Leather accents, impact-absorbing foam-filled tires, and all-wheel suspension make the VISTA more luxurious. Your baby can still sleep comfortably when strolling on those bumpy surfaces.

In the City select, we have a combination of plastic and foam tires – not suitable for bumpy surfaces. But the capability for handlebar parking makes it cool, especially if one child is walking in front such that the foot brake won’t be accessible.

Maximum Seat Weight

City Select features identical upper and lower seat with an equal 45-pound weight capacity. VISTA, on the other hand, has an upper toddler seat with 50-pound maximum capacity and lower rumble seat with a 35-pound maximum capacity.

Car Seat compatibility

Both the VISTA and City Select are compatible with several children’s car seats. You can swap out the stroller seat for the infant car seats until your baby is grown enough, then you put the stroller seat back in; that way, you have a stroller that grows with your baby.

For the VISTA, you can use the Uppababy MESA infant car seat directly to the frame without the need for additional car seat adapters. While to connect the City Select to Baby Jogger’s City GO, a car seat adapter is a must-have.


While the VISTA boasts of a one-step fold, it’s the City Select’s patented quick-fold technology that shines. Expect no struggles; the City Select folds up and down easily so you can get back to attending to your baby.

The VISTA is easy to fold, too, but requires the removal of the second seat. Additionally, the VISTA stands when folded, making things hectic if you’ve got an extra bassinet or seat.

Seat Configuration

Both the VISTA and City Select modular design allows the parent/guardian to configure the seats to meet specific needs. But this requires the purchase of additional accessories such as bassinet, boogie board, rumble, etc. But the main take is that the City Select allows for more configuration; seating the children to face each other is a beautiful concept!

The VISTA is lighter than the City Select and more portable. There haven’t been any issues with the VISTA when it comes to the steering, but for the City Select, customers say the wheels tend to turn undesirably leading to steering issues

Uppababy VISTA vs City Select Issues

Let’s start with the VISTA’s price; it’s very much exaggerated just because it comes with accessories. And even so, you end up spending less in total for City Select stroller plus accessories than the VISTA.

The other issue is the VISTA’s foot brake system. It gets hard to use if another child is walking between you and the stroller. The other issue is its narrower rumble seats are not that comfortable for the child. There’s also reports that the multiple seat configurations bring problems space-wise.

For the City Select, the tires are a combination of plastic and foam-filled, therefore not good on bumpy surfaces. Additionally, it only has a front-wheel suspension, and the wheels tend to turn undesirably, leading to steering problems.

Another issue with City Select is it has got a front-wheel-only suspension, plus adapters are required for the car seat.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to value for money, the City Select is a mom’s best friend. You get more seating configurations for less cash. The VISTA, on the other hand, while a luxurious stroller, is pricey: Just a few dollars shy of a 4-digit price. Plus, if you want a City Select model that performs just as good as the VISTA, consider the City Select LUX: It has better maneuverability plus it comes with a bench seat.

I hope you found our review on the Baby Jogger City Select vs Uppababy Vista strollers helpful. If you have any questions leave a comment below.

Graco Affix vs Turbobooster lx

In the beginning, there was the Graco Affix and the Turbobooster, and though the Turbobooster bagged the insurance safety award, consumers preferred the Affix because it could be secured firmly using the LATCH system.

The Turbobooster depended on the weight of the child to hold it down, so there were much wobbling and tipping.

Then when Graco heard these complaints about the Turbobooster, they went ahead to upgrade it to Turbobooster LX with the unique LATCH system. They then introduced the Turbobooster LX as a new model. But customers were quick to notice the similarities between the Graco Affix vs Turbobooster LX.

From the color patterns to the One-latch system, it’s hard to distinguish between the Turbobooster LX and the Affix. In fact, the only difference is that the LX fabric is plusher. So what’s going on? Is Graco a brand tired of coming up with new children’s’ car seat models and just dressing up old models and offering them up for more cash? Because the LX does cost a few more dollars than the Affix. Let’s dig in compare the Graco Turbobooster LX vs Affix and see, shall we?

The Graco Affix

Graco Affix highback booster seat with latch system

The Affix is a highback-2-backless booster car seat loaded with safety and convenience features and a lower latch system with a hook and traps you can use to firmly secure the seat such that there’s no wobbling or tipping around when your baby moves. The Affix is made by Graco, an expert in baby gear manufacturing. It’s been designed and crash-tested to attain or exceed US safety standards FMVSS 213.

What makes the Affix popular is the LATCH system, with unique front-adjustment straps used to secure both the left and right sides of the seat. It makes it easy for children to buckle up themselves. Expect no wobbling. All installation operations can be done with one hand.

  • The unique front-adjustment latch strap makes it easy to tighten the Affix to the car seat with one hand.
  • It includes a cup holder plus a pull-out drawer to store baby products.
  • Converts from a high-back booster to backless booster: 30-100 pounds kid for high-back and 40-100 lbs kid for backless.
  • 6-position headrest
  • Wider car seat depth

What Does the Affix Miss?

While the affix feels more secure, installing the latch is not easy: you’ve got to hook it down then adjust the front straps individually to secure the sides.

The cup holder and drawer are not large enough for sippy and snack cups.

It’s hard to pull out a drawer when the child is sitting.

It can’t fit 3-across as it a wider seat as compared to the LX

The Graco Turbobooster lx

Graco TurboBooster LX Highback booster seat

The Turbobooster lx is a convertible high-back child car seat too from Graco. It includes the one-hand Latch system, unique front Adjust Latch, impact-absorbing foam, multilayer headrest and cup holders just like the Affix. The latch system secures the seat in place, making it easier for the child to self-buckle.

Where the LX Excels

  • Easy to install using the one-hand latch system
  • Stable enough for child self-buckling
  • Plush foam
  • More car seat depth
  • Impact-absorbing headrest and side wings
  • Where the LX fails
  • Single cup-holder
  • Narrower than the Affix
  • Costs about 10 dollars more

Now that you are familiar with both models let’s look at what customers are saying on the Turbobooster LX vs. Affix debate.

Design: The LX has more depth, while Affix is wider.

It’s not easy to tell the LX from the Affix. The fabric color is a mix of scarlet and black in both models. They both have a nicely padded headrest and side wings that, unless you pay attention to the description, you are going to confuse the two models.

You won’t be able to tell them apart using the weights too. The only difference comes in dimensions: The Affix is wider but shallower and shorter a 25.4 X 10.5 x 16.75 inches while the LX is at 26.5 X 15 x 16.5 inches

Weight Rating

Both the LX and the Affix booster seats have a weight rating of 30-100 lbs when used as high-back booster seats. When used in backless mode, they have a 40-100 lbs. Weight rating. So if you are looking something to top 10 pounds, consider models like the Chico kidfit.

Ease of Assembly

Both the LX and the Affix are easy to install thanks to the one-hand latch system. The package comes with clear instructions, and what is more is that the parts have a simple and straightforward seat belt guiding design, making the LX and Affix user-friendly. With the unique front adjustment tightening, the backless youth booster seat to the car seat is a breeze.

baby car seats

You start by installing the seats just like any normal car seats by attaching the latch hook. Then you adjust the front straps individually to secure the left and right side firmly. The beauty of the latch system is that the seat is held down by the hook, straps as well as the child’s weight. That way, children are comfortable to self-buckle without fear of tipping over.

You can use the Latch in back or backrest mode. In backrest, you just need to match the headrest to your child’s height by pressing the button located on top of the seat.

Safety Foam

The LX boasts of more plush foam than the Affix. Both models, however, use the EPS impact-absorbing foam that protects the child from back and side impacts in case of a crush. The LX has been designed and crush-tested to meet or surpass the US safety standard FMVSS 213.


Both the LX and the Affix boasts of a cup-holder plus a hideaway storage drawer to keep kid stuff within arm’s reach. The LX, however, only has a single cup holder while the Affix boasts of a dual cup holder. In both models, you can use one storage for beverages and the drawer for electronics. Just make sure not to overfill the compartment as the drawer gets stuck when opening.


The consumer views are that the Affix booster seat has a better headrest than the LX. It’s more stable and fully-adjustable such that the child can’t outgrow it quickly.

Final Verdict

There’s no clear winner in the Graco Turbobooster LX vs Affix debate. They are both loaded with the same safety and convenience features that make life a breeze for driving parents and their children. The only difference is that the LX is the newer youth booster seat boasting of more depth and plush fabric.

The Affix is an older model and harder to find but more popular because of its dual cup holder and more stable headrest.

In terms of prices, the LX costs $10 more, but prices vary depending on color variants too; if you find an LX priced similar to the Affix, you should take the LX for its plush fabric.

Find your Graco Turbobooster LX hear on Amazon.com


Britax Boulevard vs Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seats

Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat with 3 layer impact protection

So, the ClickTight installation system is all the rage right now when it comes to children’s car seats, and the Britax brand has embraced the technology in its Boulevard and Advocate convertible car seats.

And even LATCH system diehards have begun admitting that this way of securing the child car seat using the vehicle’s seatbelt makes the Boulevard and Advocate goddamn delightful.

In these two models, gone is the shoving, pulling, and having to second-guess the tightness of straps and latch. Now you just have to open the panel, thread the car seatbelt through either the forward-facing or rear-facing belt paths, buckle it, then click-close the compartment. The Click-Safe feature will notify you that the tightness is proper.

But between the Britax Boulevard vs Advocate, how do you pick a winner? Let’s break down the features of the two seats.

Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat with 3 layer impact protection

What features does the Boulevard have in common with the Advocate?

Built to guarantee safety and comfort

In both the Advocate and the Boulevard, there’re no corner-cutting hacks, such as adding extra foam or using an extra bolt here and there to make the seat secure. Britax understands that car crashes are the number one cause of injuries and even deaths for children under the age of six. So, right from the start, the Britax Advocate and Boulevard convertible car seats have been designed to provide maximum safety and comfort. Safety features between the Britax Advocate vs Boulevard include:

Multiple layers of protection – A foam-padded headrest, an impact-absorbing selfcell steel frame, and adjustable side-impact protection.

Energy-absorbing base – The base features impact-absorbing rubber too. In the event of a crash, these specially designed rubber pieces compress and take away some energy from the impact.

V-shaped patented Harness Tether – These straps at the back of the seats tethers them to the vehicle such the seat won’t move forward suddenly during collisions. The tethers meet each other in a V-shaped manner.

Harness pads on the straps – Both as a safety feature but also a guarantee for everyday comfort. Attached where the shoulder straps rise and falls, these pads make the straps more rigid, absorb impact and prevent bruising.

Easy-to-use ClickTight Installation system

The ClickTight feature makes both the Boulevard and the Advocate user-friendly. With this system, the car’s seat belt is used to secure and lock the convertible children’s car seat down. And though the Britax Boulevard and Advocate are heavy models, the ClickTight feature makes it easy to switch seats between cars.

Customer reviews say that while even tightened latches tend to wobble, especially when in forward-facing mode, you can expect no such issues with ClickTight Convertible Boulevard and Advocate seat. Peace of mind is achieved without the need to use a combination of latch and seatbelt.


Both the Boulevard and Advocate are high-back seats can convert from rear-facing to forward-facing with the following weight and height limitations for both seats:

Rear-facing – 5 to 40 pounds and max 49-inches height

Forward-facing – 20 to 65 pounds if forward-facing and a max 49-inches height

Although not useable as booster seats, both the Advocate and Boulevard are designed to grow with your child. They feature adjustable straps and can be used until the child is 49 inches tall.No Re-threading needed

Damned, be those infant car seats whose parts have to be taken apart to readjust the straps. In both the Boulevard and the Advocate, the pain of manually configuring the straps and headrest to a new position has been eliminated. Now you just use a lever located on top of the car seat to set both the headrest and strap to any of the 14 different positions allowed.

But even so, Britax does make use of shorter straps. Therefore, there’s the nuisance of constant adjustments that have to be made. The other thing is there are two different locations for the bottom buckle, and you’ve got to take out both the belly pad and the buckle entirely to readjust the bottom buckle strap.

A lovely Harness System with a Click-Safe function

Both the Britax Advocate and Boulevard boast of a lovely harness system with the bottom strap being quite accessible. Additionally, instead of pulling on it and second-guessing while tightening, you can now depend on the Click-Safe function, which comes in play when tightening the straps; it makes a small click to notify that proper tightness has been achieved. That way, you can rest easy knowing your child is comfy.

But there have been complaints that Click-Safe tends to give false positives, clicking satisfactorily when it’s something else such as strap being stuck or puffy child coat that’s making strap tight

Multiple Recline Positions

You can set the newborn to stare at the ceiling and the toddler to sit straight and face the world. Both the Advocate and Boulevard seats can recline to 7 different positions. Additionally, the level indicator on the side notifies you of the right recline angles depending on the mode at play.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat tempo

Britax Boulevard vs the Advocate: What Differences should You Expect?

1. The Advocate is heavy on the pocket

Both the Boulevard ClickTight Convertible car seat and the Advocate ClickTight Convertible car seat are moderately priced. But of the two models, customers tend to lean towards the $296 Boulevard convertible as the $336 Advocate is a bit heavier on the pocket still.

2. Expect more side-impact protection from the Advocate

Definitely the Advocate. In this model, the outside features impact-absorbing plastic and extra cushions. This additional material on the outside of the seat guarantees a third-layer of protection against side impacts as compared to the two-layered side-impact protection of the Boulevard.

But while a great feature, it does make the Advocate slightly wider, resulting in space issues if multiple seats have to be installed or room is needed for an additional person on the back seat.

3. Boulevard is a bit lighter and narrower

While both the Boulevard and Advocate are damn heavy car seats, at 29.4 pounds, the Boulevard is noticeably lighter than the 30.6-pound Advocate. Again, in terms of width, the Advocate’s extra side padding result in space issues when the car is small.

Lastly, when it comes to the NHTSA ease-of-use rating, both the Boulevard and the Advocate have a 4-star mark. But on Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target customer ratings, the Advocate seats on top with 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8 stars compared to 4.4 in all for the Boulevard.

Lastly, which one between the Boulevard and the Advocate is cool for the summer? Both the Advocate and the Boulevard use breathable fabric. The Advocate may get hotter because of extra-side cushions. Feel free to check out the Britax Cool Flow collection Boulevard and Advocate breathable fabric.

In retrospect, both the Advocate and Boulevard have so much in common: Reclining system, wonderful harness, fantastic breathable and washable material plus exceptional safety features. It’s hard to decide which seat is better. But if I’m to pick a winner, I’d go with the Advocate here on Amazon; I don’t mind ponying up a little extra for an extra layer of safety.

I hope you found our review of the Britax Boulevard vs Advocate helpful. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions.



Britax Frontier vs Pioneer: Which is The Best Harness-2-Booster Model

Britax Frontier ClickTight harness-2-booster car seat

So, the Britax Frontier vs Pioneer debate still rages on as driving moms voice their opinions on which is the best Britax brand toddler car seat.

While both are forward-facing harness-2-booster seats for 2-years upwards babies, the view of many moms is that the ClickTight convertible Frontier is the goddamn best as it makes it easy to switch child seats between cars. But is that the only difference? Stick around for the review.

1. Britax Frontier

Britax Frontier ClickTight harness-2-booster car seat

The Frontier is a nicely padded seat with a steel-integrated frame and a durable energy-absorbing headrest that keeps your toddler relaxed and safe along the ride. Safety and comfort are ensured with the impact-absorbing side pads, multiple recline positions, and a pair of armrests. But that’s not all that makes this convertible toddler car seat the winner.

What moms love about the Frontier apart from the safety features is the adjustable harness position. When shopping for a baby car seat, you need to get something that grows with your child; otherwise, you’re going to be spending money after every growth spurt – and we know babies can really grow fast.

How does the Frontier manage to grow with your child? The harness can be adjusted to nine different positions effortlessly. And though you can only use this seat until your toddler gets taller, the adjustable harness system makes it worth the money.

Another game-changing feature is the convenient ClickTight installation system. Here the nuisances of wrestling with those damn LATCH systems are eliminated for an EZ-buckle belly pad. You just need to open the front of the Frontier, pull the seat belt of your car seat across it, buckle things up then close it.

Where Does the Frontier Excel in?

•The ClickTight installation feature makes it easy to switch seats between cars.
•Safecell impact protection
•Multiple positions recline
•Can take up to 120lbs babies
•EZ-Buckle system keeps the belly pad and buckles forward so the child won’t sit on it.
What the Frontier misses?
•It’s a bit bulky to move around
•The cup holders aren’t big enough for sippy and snack cups
•It’s a bit cumbersome to find the fitting harness for your child with the adjustable harness system.

Buy your Frontier from Amazon here

2. The Britax Pioneer

Britax Pioneer combination harness-2-booster baby car seat

The Pioneer is also a forward-facing convertible seat suitable for toddlers until they can start using the car’s seat. The Pioneer is similar to the Frontier in many aspects, including the energy-absorbing base, steel frames with integrated layers of protection, cup holders, and multi-position reclining seat.

Where it pales in comparison to the Frontier, however, is the lack of the convenient ClickTight Installation.

Where Does the Pioneer Excel in?

•Soft and thick padded material that’s easy to wipe clean
•Multi-position reclining seat so you can find a comfortable rest position.
•Easy to use LATCH connectors
•Convenient cup holders

What the Pioneer misses?

•Headrest feels a bit flimsy, loose and keeps rattling
•Bulkiness and lack of ClickTight make it cumbersome to switch seats between cars.
•The headrest is a bit too tall

Now that you are familiar with the features of the two convertible toddler car seat models, let’s look at how they compare.

Similarities between the Britax Pioneer vs Frontier

Both the Pioneer and the Frontier are harness-2-booster seats boasting of tons of safety and convenience features that make them suitable for toddlers. In fact, they are almost identical such that:

•Both seats can be converted to a booster seat with the car’s seat belt as soon as the child can no longer be harnessed.
•Both are heavy children car seats
•Both are easy maintenance as they use removable covers, albeit not suitable for machine-washing.
•They are both loaded with safety features such as thick padded material, impact-absorbing headrest, side wings, and a pair of armrests.
•They’ve both been designed by Britax for 2-years and upwards children
•Both are forward-facing only
•Both seats can grow with your child courtesy of the adjustable harness system.
•Comfortability is ensured with the multiple recline position.
•Same warranty.

Buy your Pioneer here on Amazon. Usually they have the best price.

What to Keep in Mind When Selecting Between Frontier and Pioneer

1. Design and Color Choices

The thick cushion material, armrest, and impact absorbing base aside, the two models are available in different color choices. For Pioneer, you can choose between 8 color options, while for the Frontier, you can choose between 9 color options.

2. Ability to switch seats between cars

Both the Frontier and the Pioneer have the same width, depth, and height, but the Frontier ClickTight feature makes it easy to switch the seats between cars. The 9-position harness guarantees a secure and comfortable fit.

Did you know that while we depend on car seats to keep our little ones safe, 75 % of car seats are not correctly installed, and car crashes are the number one cause of injuries and even death for babies under six years? Better go with a car seat that is easy to install; the Frontier is easier to install and hence more likely to perform as intended.

3. Child Weight

Britax pioneer is for 2-years and up babies of 25-70 pounds when you use as a toddler forward-facing harness seat. When used as a booster, it can take a 40-110 pounds baby.

The Frontier, on the other hand, is suitable for heavyweights. It’s slightly tougher and quite durable. As a harness seat, it takes 25-90 pounds, and as a booster seat, it can take up to 120-pound toddlers.

4. The best seat that grows with your child

While both the Frontier and Pioneer boast of the 9-position adjustable harness system, the Frontier holds the edge when it comes to the seat that grows with your child. It’s slightly tougher and quite durable as compared to the Pioneer. It’s recommended for physically large toddlers, but you can buy it for any child too if you want a seat, he/she won’t outgrow quickly.

Lastly, keep in mind that all Britax children car seat are suitable for between 6-10 years starting from the manufacturing and not the purchase date

City Mini vs. City Mini GT – Which Offers More Bang For Your Buck?

Today we pit two of the best strollers in the market, the City Mini and the City Mini GT, against each other to see which offers more value for money.

It’s the battle of the Baby Joggers, the City Mini vs. City Mini GT. On paper, these two have quite a lot of similarities, because they have a common manufacturer (Baby Jogger).

Baby Jogger City Mini strollerThe City Mini came out first, and it was received well for its portability, quick-fold feature, narrow profile, and maneuverability. The City Mini GT was merely an improvement of the City Mini stroller.

Baby Jogger kept all the features that worked (the quick folding, the narrow, agile build, etc.) but also made a few improvements (better wheels, improved brake, adjustable handlebars, etc.).

How do the two strollers stack up against each other? We find out what makes each of them special in this comprehensive comparison review of the City Mini GT and City Mini.

Physical Differences between the Baby Stroller City Mini GT and the City Mini

Let’s talk about the weight and dimensions of each stroller first.

The City Mini weighs 18.4 pounds, while the City Mini GT has a weight of 22.5 pounds. In terms of stroller height, the Mini also comes out trumps because it measures about two inches less than the Mini GT, which stands at a maximum stroller height of 43.5 inches.

The City Mini is still the smaller stroller even when folded as it measures 9.25 inches in height while the City Mini GT measures 10.2 inches. Fortunately, both strollers meet Disney size requirements, so you don’t have to choose between the two based entirely on this criteria.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT baby toddler stroller

The City Mini is smaller and lighter than the City Mini GT. It’s not a big deal though, because none of the strollers are designed for jogging. However, sometimes those few extra pounds count.

Shared Features

Here are some of the things that the City Mini and the City Mini GT have in common.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is the same for the two strollers. All you need to do is to lift a strap, and the stroller will collapse into its folded design.

It’s the same mechanism right down to the padded strap, which serves as a carry handle once the stroller is folded. The one-hand fold is complemented by an auto-lock feature, which ensures the stroller stays folded for storage or transportation.

Recliner Seats

Both the City Mini and the City Mini GT come with seats that can recline to a near-flat position. Both strollers have seat-back vents too, which means your baby will be comfortable and cool in either one of them.

Aside from the canopy, there is another layer of protection: the retractable weather cover. This allows you to adjust the stroller setting to ensure your child is comfortable throughout.

Dual-Window Canopy

Baby Jogger have equipped both the City Mini and the City Mini GT strollers with their proprietary dual-window canopy. This means that they both have two peekaboo windows on the canopy, so keeping an eye on your child is a little easier.

Also, both strollers have canopies with a UV 50+ sun protection rating. The canopy can be opened in multiple positions. You can pull it back to allow your baby to enjoy the weather, draw it all the way down to keep them safe from the elements, and everything in between.

Travel System

Both strollers can transform into travel systems in just a few seconds. You need to have the right car seat adapter for this to work. Whether you settle for the City Mini GT or the City Mini, you’ll be able to turn your stroller into a travel system whenever you need to.


While the similarities between the two strollers are shared equally, the GT gets the lion’s share of new features. Being the later model, it comes with improvements that would have made the City Mini a better stroller. Let’s see how big a deal these differences are.

All-terrain Wheels

The City Mini GT has the same wheel setup as its older counterpart, but Baby Jogger have upgraded the wheels to all-terrain wheels. It is, therefore, a better fit for rougher, bumpier terrain.

The City Mini lacks all-terrain wheels, but it performs decently nonetheless. However, it’s hard not to see the advantage of having all-terrain wheels, especially when your path tends to get a little unpredictable.

Adjustable Handlebar

If you take turns pushing with your spouse, then having an adjustable handlebar might be beneficial. This is something the City Mini lacks but is present on the City Mini GT.

Its adjustable handlebar allows users of different heights to comfortably push the stroller. This is not to say that you’ll struggle with the City Mini. It’s just such an important feature to have when you’re 5’5”, and your partner is 6’4”.

Hand-Operated Brake

There’s nothing wrong with the foot-activated brake on the City Mini. I feel like the hand-operated parking brake on the City Mini GT is much better. It gives the user a better sense of control and is easy to reach.

It’s also located in a nice position—just below the handlebars—so you won’t have to look for it too hard even when your attention is diverted.

The City Mini vs. City Mini GT – Final Verdict

These two are almost the same stroller. They share a lot of features, but they also have quite a few differences. The City Mini is better in the sense that it is lighter, smaller (marginally), and cheaper. Not everything about it is perfect, though. It doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar, for one, and although its triple-wheel setup is decent, it doesn’t hold a candle to the all-terrain wheels on the GT.

The City Mini GT comes with everything that’s on the City Mini, and then some. It has all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar, and a better parking brake. Does it matter that it’s about 4 pounds heavier than the City Mini? Probably, but not enough to ignore all the wonderful improvements it brings to the table.

The verdict? Get the City Mini GT if you can here on Amazon. It might be more expensive than the City Mini, but the features it brings with it are certainly worth the extra cost.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Britax B Lively vs B Agile – Which Stroller is Best For You And Your Loved One

So, the debate on the best ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers still rages on, and we are here to look at the Britax B-Lively vs the B Agile.

Both are marketed as super lightweight carry-on feature-rich baby strollers designed for mothers who love to travel and explore. But they deliver as hyped, or are you in for a rude awakening? Stick around for the review.

Britax B-Lively

Britax B-Lively lightweight strollerBritax B-Lively is a stroller that boasts of B-safe Ultra infant care, lightweight design, and an all-wheel suspension that makes it easy to cruise on all kinds of surfaces with minimum vibration. It is designed for any child, even the newborn, and can carry a 55-pound baby without collapsing since its shock absorbers play ball.

It’s been designed for everyday strolling and to make it easy to multi-task. It can be folded and unfolded using one hand, and when pushing, its 3-wheel configuration results in smooth cruises. But that’s not all, here’s a dive down to the Pros and Cons of the Britax B-Lively


• Compatibility – The Britax B-Lively is designed to be pair up nicely with various baby products in your possession. It comes laden with the B Safe Ultra Infant Car seat as well as the Britax Car Seat adapters. That way, it’s easy to maintain a great baby product ecosystem; no frustration about products not pairing. Transferring your toddler from the car seat to the pushchair is now a piece of cake!

• Highly Durable – Britax B-Lively can take 55-pound babies without breaking a sweat. The intricate parts of the stroller have been put together well to play ball. It boasts of a UV radiation-proof canopy to keep solar rays as well as rain from your child. The canopy is also sturdy and water-resistant.

• Safety Features – Apart from the UV radiation-proof canopy, the Britax B-Lively also features patented Safe Cell Impact Protection System. This includes an Energy Absorbing Base, Staged Release Stitches to reduce forward movement in case of a crash, two-layered Side Impact Protection, Steel Frame, SafeCentre Latch, in-Built Infant Car Seat Lock, and a V-shaped tether to reduce seat rotation.

• Footrest – This feature makes the Britax B-Lively stroller useful even when the toddler starts to grow bigger and can no longer maintain feet inside the stroller. At last, a pushchair that grows with your child!

• Best Storage Space – Compared to other strollers, Britax B-Lively provides the best storage space to carry your child and other necessary children stuff. You can pack all baby gear in the extra-large storage basket that boasts of front access.


• Rather weighty – Because it’s laden with features such as extra-large basket, safety features, and durable material, the Britax B-Lively is a bit hefty if you are looking for an extremely lightweight pushchair.

• The heftiness makes it tough to maneuver – You are going to have to put in more effort.

The B Agile boasts of a lightweight aluminum frame, 3-wheel configuration, and a Click & Go Mechanism that allows the pushchair to be paired with other baby products via complimentary adapters. The swivel front wheels can be locked when on rough terrain. But that’s not its main advantages; here’s a deep dive into the Pros and Cons:


• Highly Lightweight – Designed with a super lightweight aluminum frame that won’t weigh you down, you can carry the B-agile wherever you want to go.

• Quick-fold Design – You can close the B-Agile with just one hand, and it will only take a few seconds.

• Compatible with various other Britax baby gears – That way, Britax has managed to create and maintain a hassle-free baby ecosystem. But if you aren’t into Britax products, you can get adapters to pair the pushchair with other baby gears.

• Easy to glide through tight spaces – The Swivel front wheel turn through a small radius, making it possible to whizz through crowds and tight spaces.

• Ample under-seat storage plus an additional zippered pocket


•Durability has been sacrificed for a lightweight, portable design.

•The under-seat storage basket is a bit small

•The B-Agile is more expensive than the B-Lively

Now that you are familiar with the two products, how do you pick the winner? Let’s look at which stroller holds the edge over the other: Britax B-

Lively vs B-Agile.

Britax 2017 B-Agile lightweight black stroller

Similarities between the B-Agile and the B-Lively

1. Both have great storage spaces. But the under-seat basket of the B-agile is a bit smaller; hence, the B-Lively holds the edge.

2. Both are designed for the multi-tasking parent and can fold and unfold easily with one hand.

3. Both strollers are made to pair with other baby gears easily.

Differences between the B-Agile and the B-Lively

1.  Foldability – With the Lively, expect more control over the foldability. You can decide the amount of bending, unlike with the B-Agile.

2. Pushing Effort – Expect an ultra-lightweight B-agile pushchair as compared to the heavy-duty B-Lively. It’s easy to push and maneuver the B-Lively thanks to the lightweight design

3. Maneuverability – Whizzing through crowds and thin spaces is much more comfortable with the Agile due to swivel front wheels.

4. Footrest – The B-Lively is designed to grow with your child, when he/she can no longer keep feet inside the stroller, he/she can place it on the footrest. Expect no such convenience from the B-Agile.

5. Durability – Because of the B-Lively’s sturdy design, expect a decent lifespan as compared to the B-Agile’s aluminum frames.

6. Price – B-Agile is pricier than the B-Lively, but it’s the B-lively that is expected to last for a while; surely, then the winner here is the B-Lively ignoring how tough it is to maneuver with it.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, with the B-Lively, you can expect a sturdy, extremely foldable stroller with excellent storage space but a bit tough to maneuver through crowded places, but since it grows with your child, it’s value for money.

With the B-Agile, on the other hand, it matters not where you have to go; its lightweight feature makes it easy to fold and carry in town. Plus, swivel tires make it easy to whizz through busy streets. The only caveat is the B-Agile is not as durable as the B-Lively yet more expensive! You can go ahead and pick the winner then, can’t you?

You can find more info about the B-Agile and the B-Lively on Amazon by clicking on the blue links.

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Gb Pockit vs. Babyzen Yoyo – Which Stroller Is Best For You

how to clean a stroller

When it comes to baby strollers, lightweight umbrella strollers that can fold compactly for transportation are much appreciated. That’s why we got excited at the news that two new ultra-light umbrella strollers – the GB Pockit and the Babyzen Yoyo – were making their way into the market.

Both the Pockit and the Yoyo are lightweight pushchairs that can be folded up small enough to be transported as cabin baggage when on a plane, train or vehicle. But do they work as expected, or are we in for a rude shock? Stick around for the review of GB Pockit vs. Babyzen Yoyo review.

Introduction to the GB Pockit and Babyzen Yoyo strollers

GB Pockit+ all-city stroller

According to the 2014 Guinness World Records, the GB Pockit stroller that folds into 11.8 by 7 by 13.8 inches is the smallest and most compact stroller ever. It is small yet strong enough to hold a 55lbs weight child. Its light material makes it the quintessential choice for city-based parents who like to travel and explore. It only takes two steps to transform the Pockit pushchair into a package small enough to be transported as cabin baggage in planes and on trains.

Features of the GB Pockit include:

•Record-breaking compact fold
•UPF50+ sun canopy but smaller than Babyzen Yoyo’s shade
•Adjustable harness
•Stiff brake
•Flimsy front wheels but be can be locked for stability when on rough surfaces
•Convenient one-hand push

The Babyzen Yoyo, on the other hand, is a take-it-easy one-hand driving stroller that folds up to 20.27 X 17.32 X 7.08 inches. Like the record-breaking GB Pockit, the Babyzen too is designed to go anywhere. It folds and unfolds without any hassles. But while not as compact as the GB Pockit, the Babyzen is the most feature-rich stroller in the market. It’s designed such that the baby lies while facing the parent to encourage those connections. It comes with:

•A flat nest where your infant can rest
•A headrest
•Better shade than GB Pockit
•Sandal-friendly single-foot action pedal

Now that you are familiar with the basics of GB Pockit and Babyzen strollers, let’s see how they compare. Since both are designed for city-based mothers, who love to travel and explore. How do you decide which one to buy?

GB Pockit Vs. Babyzen Yoyo – What to Consider when buying?

babyzen yoyo+ stroller

• Portability

While both GB Pockit and Babyzen are marketed as ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers, the Pockit, which folds up to 11.8 X 7 X 13.8 inches, surely is the winner when it comes to portability. You don’t need much room in the cabin, compartment, or trunk. Additionally, it only weighs 10.5 pounds thanks to the super-light Wight construction materials; it can be lifted with minimal effort. One caveat, though, is that you’ve got to get your straps and carrying bag.

The Babyzen Yoyo, on the other hand, folds up to 20.27 X 17.32 X 7.08 inches and weighs 14 pounds. While not as compact as the GB Pockit, it features integrated carrying straps.

Both strollers can be transported on a plane as hand luggage or cabin luggage. The Yoyo, however, is easy to sling over the shoulder while the other hand holds the child. The Pockit, on the other hand, doesn’t have a strap, and you may need help with your child if you travel with the Pockit.

• Ease of Folding

Mothers are always multi-tasking, so it makes sense to get a stroller that can be folded with one hand while the other hand holds the child. Otherwise, what is the pint of having a super light umbrella stroller if it’s a hassle to use?

For GB Pockit, switching between pushing and carrying is a two-step process that requires the use of both hands. While the Babyzen Yoyo can be folded and unfolded using one hand.

To Fold up and unfold the GB Pockit – press the buttons on the frames, so the stroller loses volume and folds in half. Then set the manual lock to keep the stroller folded.

To unfold, release the lock then flick up the stroller to decompress it. Just ensure that the frame is locked in place properly before putting your child in the stroller.

To Fold up the Babyzen Yoyo – Start by folding the handlebar then press a button to make the stroller compress into a nice carry-on package. The auto-lock mechanism is automatic, so you don’t need to set up anything. Once you get used to the Yoyo, you can fold and unfold it using one hand.

To unfold, set free the clip that’s holding the package together, then shake the package, and it will decompress into full form.

• Capacity and comfort

In terms of capacity – GB Pockit can hold a child of 55 pounds while Babyzen Yoyo can hold a 40 pounds baby. Gb Pockit is the most durable of the two strollers with the manufacturer saying it can last for up to 8 years. But since both strollers are small, expect to use them only until the toddler ages.

Poor Shade from GB Pockit – While the GB Pockit features padded straps for comfort, it lacks the infant insert, and the seat doesn’t recline. Additionally, it’s not compatible with infant car seats. It features an overhead canopy that’s also not big enough to completely shield toddler from sun and rain. Therefore, it’s not the most comfortable stroller around. It’s only suitable for 6 months and above toddlers.

Better shade from Babyzen Yoyo – The Babyzen Yoyo makes use of a reclining seat, but it’s also not suitable for newborns as seat fails to reach a flat position. But it’s more comfortable than the GB Pockit as it features an extended canopy and well-padded seat. Expect better shade, and you can use an adaptor to make it compatible with infant car seats.

• Maneuverability

GB is easy to push but unstable on rough terrains – GB Pockit is lightweight so it can be pushed effortlessly, but its flimsy wheels make it suitable only for smooth surfaces. The front wheels get unstable when on rough terrains. Additionally, expect a stiff brake that’s also not easy to access as it’s rather small. It’s thus suitable for whizzing through those smooth airport surfaces.

Babyzen Yoyo performs well on all surfaces – While designed for city-based mothers, the Babyzen Yoyo moves smoothly on rough surfaces with minimal vibration. It features a sandal-friendly single-foot action pedal well-positioned for easy access. It’s, therefore, suitable as an everyday baby stroller.

Bottom Line

In retrospect, while both the Pockit and Yoyo are marketed as ultra-lightweight umbrella pushchairs, there’re apparent differences. Depending on your child’s weight, the durability you want, and ease-of-use, you can make up your mind on the GB Pockit vs. Babyzen Yoyo debate.

For the best price for your GB Pockit or Babyzen Yoyo click here to visit Amazon.com

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

Are you interested in watching our GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo review video be sure to watch the video below.


Mountain Buggy Nano vs. Babyzen Yoyo Strollers

mountain buggy nano baby stroller

Babyzen Yoyo and Mountain Buggy Nano are not only strollers but also usable with car seats for convenience during street rides and inside your car.

Below is a review on Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo to assist you in deciding which one of them to buy. However, before we delve into that, strollers make your life easier when moving around with your child. You can go shopping or for a walk with ease.

The market offers a wide range of brands to consider buying. While some products are solely strollers, others such as Babyzen Yoyo and Mountain Buggy Nano are travel systems, which means they function as strollers and are compatible with car seats as well.

Mountain Buggy Nano

mountain buggy nano baby stroller

Mountain Buggy Nano is a lightweight stroller that folds into a compact size for storage. You can carry it on a plane, train, or bus. The manufacturer designs it with the safety of your child as a crucial priority. It folds in two steps using two buttons, and you are good to go.

Weighing less than 6kg (13lbs), this pushchair is easy to lift with minimal effort. If you have a newborn, you can carry him or her on the stroller thanks to Mountain Buggy’s lie-flat option. Using the company’s cocoon (sold separately), you get to create a comfortable, soft surface for your precious baby to rest.

The product has an easy to operate brake system that ensures additional safety. Besides, the integrated rear-wheel suspension provides comfort for your trips to the store and other adventures. Five EVA wheels on the Nano stroller foster smooth rides at all times.

Mountain Buggy provides a custom fit bag for storing the Nano. It has a handle for easy carrying, but you can also opt to use the included shoulder strap for more comfort. The stroller has a car seat adapter compatible with many infant car seats.

With this product, you can use it to carry a newborn and kids as heavy as 44lbs. It comes with a 1-year warranty and costs $199.99.


Durable and safe
Compact and convenient
Fits in a variety of luggage compartments
Easy to utilizeSpacious with a large canopy for shade and protection
Unfolds and folds easily with one hand
Maneuverable around tiny spaces
Has a universal car seat adapterOffers an extendable sun hood
It is a new version with 30% more recline
Uses slim wheels
Has an easily accessible storage basket


Lacks handlebar for children and the harness can be difficult to adjust

Babyzen Yoyo

Babyzen Yoyo baby stroller

Like Mountain Buggy Nano, Babyzen yoyo is a foldable stroller compatible with car seats for infants. You can fold and ride it using a single hand for convenience and reducing fatigue. It collapses into a small load to help save storage space and fit in luggage sections on the bus or plane.

Have your newborn in the flat nest for a nap and comfort when on the go. The five-point harness ensures a secure fit to keep your baby intact and safe as you run errands. Besides, the two-position canopy ensures adjustability to protect your kid against harsh sunshine and drizzles.

With the foot cover, you can safeguard your baby’s legs as well, while the headrest provides extra comfort, which is essential, especially during long rides. The company provides a Babyzen newborn pack for your child from birth to six months old. It consists of a white fleece lining and a headrest to protect your little one’s soft skull and neck.

The newborn set installs flat for comfort. Purchase Babyzen Izi Go Modular seat and clip it on the stroller frame using adapters. The car seat fits easily into place, and you do not have to remove the stroller fabrics.

Fold the stroller and keep it in the provided storage pouch, which has a strap for simplified carrying. The pushchair is suitable for travel and regular use and is currently available in two new colors, coffee and aqua. With the extra-large storage basket, you have more room to keep different essentials.

The reversible backrest enhances comfort and ease of use. You can recline the seat in several positions, which helps prevent fatigue and boredom for your child. The four-wheel suspension system provides smooth rides, while the soft drive mechanism makes the stroller usable on different surfaces without having to lock the front swivel wheel.

Your baby will enjoy sitting on a cozy seat pad, and the seat has a low base to allow your kid to get in and out of the stroller with ease. The pushchair can carry as much as 40lbs and weighs 6.6kg. Babyzen offers you a 2-year warranty as well.


Fast set up
Small and highly portable
Lightweight with a stylish design
Folds into a compact load
Comes with a shoulder strap to aid easy carrying
Takes up little storage spaceEasy to use and has a spacious basket
Has a UPF 50+ canopy for protection against sun rays
Allows easy navigation on busy streets
Easily removable stroller fabrics for machine washing at 30C
Both the newborn and 6months plus models have footmuffs
Canopy reclines and has a window to allow you to check on your baby


Adapters bought separately and the handlebar height is not adjustable

Differences between Babyzen Yoyo vs Mountain Buggy

Both brands have several similarities, such as foldable designs, car seat compatibility, a provided carry bag, and being lightweight. However, they also differ in multiple ways. Below is a summary of Mountain Buggy vs Babyzen Yoyo differences.

While Babyzen weighs 6.6kgs, Mountain Buggy is lighter, weighing at less than 6kg.The maximum weight capacity for the Yoyo is 40lbs, while that of Nano is 44lbs. The discrepancy is not huge, but it is worth mentioning. Babyzen offers you a 2-year warranty while Mountain Buggy Nano provides 1 year.

With Babyzen Yoyo, you get to ride suing four wheels while Mountain Buggy uses five EVA wheels.Mountain Buggy comes with in-built car seat adapters, but you have to buy Babyzen car seat connectors separately.

Final Thought

Both Babyzen Yoyo and Mountain Buggy Nano strollers are excellent purchases. With the above Mountain Buggy Nano vs. Babyzen Yoyo review, you can easily distinguish the two products. They are appropriate for newborns and toddlers, allowing you to fix infant car seats on them. However, they also differ in several ways, and we have already discussed the differences. What remains is you deciding which stroller you need and placing an order.

Graco Extend 2fit vs. Chicco Nextfit

Chicco NextFit sport convertible graphite car seat

Convertible car seats are useful purchases as they are usable with infants and older kids as well. If you are searching for a comparison of Graco Extend 2fit vs. Chicco Nextfit, you are reading the right article. The market offers a wide range of convertible car seats. However, let us look at what Graco Extend 2fit and Chicco Nextfit have to offer.

Graco Extend 2fitGraco Extend2Fit convertible car seat Gotham

Being a convertible car seat, Graco’s Extend 2fit is usable in rear and forward-facing setups. In a rear-facing position, it can carry a maximum child weight of 50lbs while in a forward-facing design. Besides, the seat can hold a kid as tall as 49,’’ and according to the official Graco website, it costs $199.99.

2fit has six recline positions that enhance its flexibility. Four of them can be used with the rear-facing configuration. If you need to increase the legroom for your baby, the manufacturer provides an extension panel to increase kid comfort, especially when going for long rides in a rear-facing posture.

To make more space for your little one’s feet, squeeze the adjustment handle and pull the extension piece out to get an extra five-inch legroom. Besides, the Graco Extend 2fit headrest adjusts easily, offering you 10 different positions. This way, you can always find the perfect height for your child as he or she grows in height.

Available in several color options and stylish looks, this seat has a Simply Safe Adjust tech for the harness system. It allows you to flex the harness to keep your kid comfortable and secure in the car seat. The harness and headrest adjust at a go to give you an easy time for installation.

With the harness storage unit, you have a place to keep the buckle when it is time to get your child out of the car. It fosters safety and helps you to carry your bay easily with no obstructions along the way. The other to like about Extend 2fit is the 5-point harness, though other products offer much more than five adjustment settings.

Graco’s InRight Latch attaches in 1 second, thus saving you time. The company incorporates side impact protection to keep your kids safe and a legible level indicator to aid stress-free seat setup. That is not all. The steel-reinforced body fosters the stability and longevity of the car seat.

Kids love snacks, and Graco knows that that is why they add two cup holders on their Extend 2fit car seats. Besides, the seat pad is super cozy to allow your kid to sleep comfortably if he or she wishes to.

Cleaning the seat is simple. For example, clean the metal and plastic parts with soap and water, wipe the buckle with a damp piece of cloth, and spot clean the harness straps.


• Has an adjustable harness and headrest
• Comes with cup holds which some products lack
• Has a sturdy steel-reinforced construction
• Offers fast latch attachment
• Easy to install and provides body and infant head inserts
• Incorporates an extension panel for extra legroom
• Has a plush seat with sufficient cushioning
• Can hold kids as big as 49 inches
• Compact enough to fit in small cars
• Allows kids to sit in a rear-facing position for longer
• Durable with a machine-washable seat cushion
• More affordable than some brands


• Tightening the straps can be difficult at first.

Chicco NextfitChicco NextFit sport convertible graphite car seat

How different is Chicco Nextfit as compared to Graco Extend 2fit? For starters, a Chicco Nextfit seat has adequate padding that fosters the protection of your child and makes it plush. Due to its adjustability features, it fits perfectly on your car seat and securely holds your baby for a smooth ride around town.

Nextfit features 9 headrest positions, meaning you can use the seat for kids of different ages by adjusting the level of the headrest. The seat also reclines in several positions to ensure secure installation on multiple types of vehicles. It is usable in rear and forward-facing methods for convenience and saving costs.

Chicoo Nextfit, a SuperCinch latch, latch storage slots, and push on latch connectors that boost its efficiency. The external harness adjustment enhances comfort, while the bubble recline indicator tells you when the seat is in a proper position. The indicator appears on both sides for convenience, so you are not restricted to a given side.

The seat can carry kids of up to 50 inches tall. In a rear-facing mode, it can hold 5-40lbs weight, but when forward-facing, it can accommodate 22-65lbs babies.

Note that Chicco Nextfit lineup offers various models, including Nextfit Spot ($249.99), Nextfit Zip ($299.99), and Nextfit Zip Air ($329.99). The higher the price, the more features you get, but even the $249.99 version is a worthwhile purchase.

To summarize the features of the three Nextfit models, Sport has an easy to use harness tightener (one pull is enough), a removable cup holder, and consists of machine-washable fabrics. Zip has nine headrest levels, a great harness tightener, a newborn positioner, a cup holder, and a zip and wash seat cushion. On the other hand, Zip Air has all the features that the model has and much more such as padded comfort and a 3D air mesh backrest for breathability.


• Sturdy and comfortable
• Portable; not as heavy as some products in its category
• Adjustable height
• Extendable headrest


• Lacks an extension panel for extra legroom
Graco Extend 2fit vs. Chicco Nextfit Similarities
• They are convertible car seats
• Weight capacity: 5-40lbs rear-facing and 22-65lbs forward-facing
• Plush with adequate padding
• Easy installation
• Chicco fabric and 2fit cushion are machine washable
• Removable cup holders
• Multiple recline settings

Chicco Nextfit vs. Graco Extend 2fit Contrast

• Chicco suits kids as tall as 50inches while for Graco 2fit the height limit is 49inches
• Graco offers 10 headrest positions while Chicco provides 9
• About side impact protection, Graco has it, but there is no mention of it with Chicco Nextfit car seats
• Chicco ($249.99) is more expensive than Graco’s Extend 2fit ($199.99)

Final Thoughts

Graco Extend 2fit and Chicco NextFit have several similarities and countable differences. They have adjustable headrests, multiple recline levels, plush pudding, and similar weight capacity ranges. Both of them are great purchases, and one brand can be an alternative of the other despite the price discrepancy.

Remember, Chicco Nextfit is not a single car seat but a lineup of a few products, including NextFit Sport, NextFit Zip, and Nextfit Zip Air.

Compare Chicco seats and Graco’s Extend 2fit side by side for an informed purchasing decision. The review above can help you choose which brand to purchase for your newborn or toddler.

Not sure which one?

Find your Graco Extend 2fit  here on Amazon.

Find your Chicco Nextfit here on Amazon.

Britax Marathon Vs. Boulevard Car Seats A Comparison

Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat

Finding the right car seat for your precious child does not have to be difficult. With our Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review we are about to cover; you should have an easier time deciding which model to buy. Note that both items are products of the Britax brand.

Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seatBritax Marathon-Verve

Let us start with Britax’s Marathon car seat in our Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review. With the marathon version, you are buying a seat with side protection to guard your baby against harm. The product has a base that absorbs impact properly to ensure a comfortable ride with your child.

According to the Britax website, Marathon’s harness adjusts in 10 different positions, thus boosting convenience for you. You do not need to rethread. However, the latch utilizes a push-button and adjusts in several positions for more user-friendliness.

Besides, the V-like tether on this model fosters stability of the seat with the in-built lock-offs, you get to snugly install the Marathon seat in your car. Its plush fabrics and padding feel great on your baby. The body pillow is removable if need be.

Marathon has one layer of side impact protection and SafeCell impact to safeguard your baby. You can use it in both rears and forward-facing configurations, and it can carry children weighing 5-65lbs. Its steel frame is high strength to foster the safety of your little angel.

Adjust the seat in seven different recline positions to save your child from fatigue and the boredom of sitting in a given posture for a while.


• Comfortable and made of breathable material
• Adjustable and installs fast with latch clips and seat-belt
• Installs snugly
• Usable in the rear and forward-facing design
• Grows with your child
• Easy to use
• Has a sturdy steel frame
• Super dense for comfort and shock absorption


• It is heavy-duty but provides the much-needed safety
• Latch straps make uninstalling the seat a bit challenging

Boulevard Car Seat-Circa

Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat tempoWhen you settle for Britax’s Boulevard car seat, you are purchasing a plush, comfortable item for your little one. It is a convertible product that you can use in both forward and rear-facing styles, thus suitable for newborns and older kids as well. It can carry children weighing 5-65lbs and as tall as 49’’.

However, in a forward-facing configuration, the seat can carry 20-65lbs of weight while in a rear-facing design, it accommodates 5-40lbs. However, have your baby in a rear-facing position until he or she reaches the manufacturer’s highest height or weight stipulated.

You do not have to buy another seat as your child grows. Adjust the harness, headrest, and the seat height to fit your baby. For comfort purposes, Boulevard provides seven recline positions usable with both rear and forward-facing seat options.

Do not worry about the harness being too tight. The product has a harness indicator that emits an audible click to signal you that the tightness is okay. Besides, the harness adjusts quickly in 14 different positions, thus boosting comfort and versatility.

To ensure maximum safety for your child, Britax incorporates several things in their Boulevard car seat model. For starters, it has two protection layers on the side to guard against impact, for example, when you suddenly apply the brakes. The buckle on the seat also offers two buckle positions for additional comfort and safety of your kid.

Regarding material, Boulevard features a cool flow mesh fabric that fosters ventilation. It is helpful during hot weather, as it keeps your baby fresh. Its steel frame enhances durability. That is not all.

The product has sufficient padding on the seat and headrest to ensure comfort and prevent your child from feeling the bumps on the road. Installing it in your car is easy and fast due to the ClickTight mechanism that Britax provides, you use to buckle the seat in place.

To adjust the height of the seat, push a button, and you are good to go. Boulevard has a V-shape tether that reduces seat rotation for added safety.


• Highly adjustable and comfortable
• Usable for 5-65lbs children
• Has fully removable covers
• Supports forward and rear-facing usage
• Very flexible with adjustable headrest, seat height, and harness
• Easy to set up
• Has a deep energy-absorbing construction
• Solid, durable, and well-padded
• Offers side protection against impact
• Usable for several stages of child growth
• Has great safety mechanisms in place


• A few customers complain about the quality of the straps, with one saying the seat belt frayed in less than a month.

Summary of Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard

Boulevard and Marathon car seats from Britax are almost impossible to distinguish. They have many similar features, which include the following.

• A steel frame construction
• Solid and high quality
• Eye-catching design
• V-shaped tether
• Side impact protection
• Several latch positions
• A quick to adjust harness that does not need rethreading
• High quality, plush, and comfortable
• Offer easy and secure installation
• Similar weight capacity of 5-65lbs
• Convertible products for forward and rear-facing use
• Energy-absorbing base
• 7 incline positions
• Seat height adjustable with a push of a button
• Latch compatible
• Perform well in crash tests and in real life crashes

Differences between Britax’s Marathon and Boulevard Car Seats

While the two models have multiple similarities, they do differ in a few ways. For example, Marathon has 10 harness positions, while Boulevard offers 14. Besides, Boulevard has an infant pillow to foster comfort while Marathon uses a removable body pillow.

The other noticeable difference is in the padding. Boulevard has two layers of heavy foam on the sides for comfort while Marathon has one, thus not as comfortable and as safe as Boulevard.

Besides, when Boulevard Circa utilizes a click and safe harness mechanism, Marathon Verve uses an in-built lock off, but the seat fits snugly. On the upside, marathon offers an extra anchor point on the upper side of the car seat for extra stability while Boulevard does not have it.

Abut price; Boulevard costs more than Marathon. On Amazon, the latter goes at $299.99, while the former costs $ 324.99. Boulevard’s price is higher because of a few reasons. For example, it has an extra layer of foam padding to provide additional comfort and protection against impact. Besides, it has a click and safe harness and more harness settings than Marathon.

Final Thought

Britax is a car seat brand worth considering. The company provides high quality products with solid frames, high quality materials, ease of use, and adjustability. Among their top-selling car seats, there are Boulevard and Marathon models.

The above Britax Marathon vs. Boulevard review is a guide to help make an informed purchasing decision. The two products have many similar characteristics and countable differences.

Despite the contrast between the two products, including the price, they are both worthwhile purchases depending on what you are looking for. The seats are comfortable, safe, and highly adjustable, not forgetting how easy they are to install in your car.

A Comparison between the UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller

UPPAbaby full-size Cruz infant baby stroller and bassinet bundle

Anyone looking to buy their first (or second) stroller is bound to come across these two. The UPPAbaby Vista and the UPPAbaby Cruz strollers are two excellent choices if you are shopping for a new baby ride. They both score very highly as far as build, design, and performance are concerned. Nevertheless, there’s always the inevitable, “Which one is a better fit?” conundrum. On the one hand, you have a high end, thousand-dollar stroller and on the other, a mid-ranger with nearly all of the same attributes.uppababy-vista-baby-stroller In the end, a decision has to be made. How does Vista compare to the Cruz? We answer that and more in this in-depth comparison.

Build and Design: Differences and Similarities

Perhaps the key distinguishing factor between these two strollers is their size. The Vista is bulkier, heavier, and tougher, while the Cruz is leaner, more agile, and a bit lighter. Even to a novice, it’s easy to see that UPPAbaby designed the Vista to be the powerful standard stroller that it is. The Cruz is more of a hybrid between an umbrella stroller and a regular stroller. That means that it’s lighter than the Vista, even though it’s only by 3.5 pounds. Also, it has a narrower profile that’s great for navigating tight spaces. Both strollers can be folded, although any stroller that weighs more than 20 pounds is bound to be hard to carry around, folded or not.


Both the Vista and the Cruz strollers have great canopies. They are not particularly large, though they do provide maximum protection from the sun. UPPAbaby includes a hidden SPF 50 extension visor in both models, which extends all the way to the bumper. Both windows also feature large peekaboo windows with magnetic closures that are quieter and more secure than Velcro. The window itself is partially made of mesh, so air circulation is great inside the canopy. Last but not least, both canopies are removable (replaceable too!), so keeping the stroller clean is easy enough.


The 12-inch-wide seats on the Vista and the Cruz are roomy and adequately padded. The Cruz has a slightly deeper seat (22 inches from bottom to the top of canopy), so you’ll find it to be a better choice for taller children than the 19.5-inch deep seat on the Vista. Both seats are ideal for newborns, but you might need an extra (SnugSeat) insert. Both seats also recline for up to 5 different positions thanks to a lever. They are designed for children aged 3 months and older and weigh up to 50 pounds. Another similarity shared here is that both seats are reversible. All you need to do is push the two buttons on either side of the seat and swing it around to face towards/away from you. Folding the Cruz requires the seat to be in its original position.


The strollers each come with an adjustable telescoping handlebar. The one on the Vista extends from 40 to 42.5 inches, while the Cruz’s extends from 39.5 to 42 inches. Both are protected by a layer of rubber, which improves handling and ergonomics as well.


Each stroller has a padded 5-point harness, and you should expect no less from any stroller at this price range. The harness comes with a center release button that is easy to operate even for a child. Full points for usability, of course, but any parent would worry about a harness that their child could easily slip out of.


When it comes to storage space, the Vista is a clear winner. Not only does it come with a spacious basket, but it also has side pockets for your cellphone, loose change, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. The Cruz only has one large basket below the seat. Both baskets are very easy to access. They fit roughly two large diaper bags without a hitch.

UPPAbaby full-size Cruz infant baby stroller and bassinet bundleWheels

The Vista comes with hard rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension. If you want a stroller that can handle all terrain, this is it. Though the Cruz does feature two 6.5” rubber wheels at the front, rear wheels that are an inch bigger, it is no match for the Vista’s two 8” and 11” front and rear wheels. Both strollers have front swivel wheels that can be locked in place. Also, they are both equipped with all-wheel suspension, which absorbs bumps for a smoother ride.

Parking brake

The Vista has a parking brake on the right rear wheel. The Cruz’s parking brake is between the rear wheels. Both brakes are easy to activate (even with flip-flops) and can be locked and unlocked in a cinch.

Folding mechanism

Other Differences between the UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller • The Vista comes with a rain cover, a zip-up mosquito net that provides maximum coverage, and a matching bassinet. • The Vista has a bumper bar, which the Cruz, unfortunately, does not have right out of the box. You can buy it separately if you wish. • The Vista converts into a travel system using the UPPAbaby Mesa car attachment. • The Vista can also be converted into an in-line double stroller with the addition of a rumble seat. A glider/piggyback can also be added to accommodate a third child.

The UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz Stroller: Final Take

Vista is a great stroller if you need something spacious and customizable. Like the Cruz, it has ample storage that’s easy to access and a bonus of two smaller pockets. On paper, the Cruz is lighter and narrower, though you won’t feel much of a difference in weight. However, it does have a smaller profile, which is better for navigating small spaces. Unfortunately, this narrower profile comes at the expense of the wheels. The Vista is, therefore, a more reliable stroller when it comes to handling different terrain. What’s more, it can accommodate up to three children simultaneously with the right attachments. You can even convert it into a travel system, which is something that Cruz can’t do.

The verdict? Buy the Vista if it is going to be your first stroller here. It is sturdy, spacious, comfortable, and very customizable, so it can serve you well for a long time. As for the Cruz, it is not quite an umbrella stroller, but you can get it as a backup stroller all the same. It is lighter, albeit slightly, narrower, and better-suited for using on the go. If the Cruz stroller is your choice you can find it hear on Amazon if you want to find out more info.

Any questions or concerns or if you have a question be sure to comment below.

Graco Extend2Fit vs Graco 4Ever Convertible Car Seats – Which One Is Best

If you are looking for a Graco Extend2Fit car ceat are a Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 convertible car seat we have you covered. We will be sharing information about each car seat the pros and cons and the difference between the two. There is good and bad to both but we hope you find the information helpful.

Graco 4ever4 in 1 car seatPersonally my choice would be the Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 car seat because of the 4 options. After having a couple kids and buying multiple strollers, car and booster seats the 4 in 1 model is one of the best options in my opinion. You only have to buy one car seat that can grow with your family. The Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 is rated to give you 10 years of use from four to 120 pounds.

The four positions are the rear facing harness which is capable of 4 to 40 lbs, the next position is the forward facing harness which is good for 22-65 lbs, the next position is the high-back booster which is good for 30 -100 lbs and the last position is the backless booster which is good for 40 – 120 lbs.

You would never have to buy another car seat again. The car seat can be used for a newborn baby all the way up to a 120 pound kid.

The Graco Extend 2Fit only has two 2 options. The first option is rear facing for infants 4 to 50 lbs. The second option is forward-facing toddlers from 22-65 lb. Once your son or daughter hit 65 pounds or more you are going to have to buy a booster seat which is going to cost you more.

If you buy the Graco 4Ever you won’t need a booster seat so this is going to save you some money in the long run. It is going to cost you more at the beginning but over time you should save money.

Both car seats have the InRight latch system for an easy, 1 second LATCH attachment. I remember how much of a pain in the butt it was to properly secure the seat in the car. It was such a hassle and the seat belt never seemed to be tight enough. I always wondered about that but with the in right light system both car seats offer makes securing your love one super simple.Graco_4Ever_DLX

Each car seat has integrated cupholders to keep your child’s drink close and the seat pads are very comfortable and are machine washable so you never have about spills again. The cushions can be easily removed and washed.

Each car seat goes through a combination of rigourous crash tests that help protect your loved one. There are front, side, rear & roll over crash tests based on the New Car Assessment Program.

In My Opinion

In my opinion the seats are very similar. The main obvious differences are the Graco 4Ever car seat has four options which can grow with your kids all the way up until they no longer need a car seat. With the Graco Extend2Fit you are going to need to buy a booster seat when the kids get older which is another cost.

You might spend a little money now and more later or else you can buy the Graco 4Ever and never have to worry about a car seat again.

Also there is a new version of the Graco 4Ever car seat available. The new model is called Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat. The main differences in the newer one is: integrated belt lock off for easy seat belt installation, rapid remove cover removes in 60 seconds without uninstalling the seat and hassle free harness storage to get your baby easily in and out of the car seat.

If I was to purchase another car seat I would definitely go with the newest Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 car seat. This is an update version for the Graco 4Ever and is the same price. Spend the money up front and never have to worry about it again.

If money is a concern I would go with the Graco Extend2Fit. It doesn’t cost as much and gives you satisfaction that you are getting a great safety rated product.

You can find then both on Amazon. They offer quick shipping right to the door and usually the best price.