Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Anaheim

The Best Stroller for Disneyland – The Baby Jogger City Mini 2

Comfort, size, price—these are conditions you would normally consider when buying a stroller for everyday use. However, you are here because you want the best stroller for Disneyland, and when it comes to touring one of the nation’s greatest theme parks, you’ll want to reconsider your selection criteria.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Anaheim

That’s because a trip to any of the Disney Parks is a whole new experience. There are crowds, narrow alleyways, checkout lines, and worse, lots of other strollers. Bobbing and weaving your way around for a day is enough to give you a whole new perspective on what a Disneyland stroller should be, which is maneuverable and highly portable.

That’s exactly what the City Mini 2 is, a nimble piece of work from Baby Jogger. If there ever was a sport for racing strollers, this would be the one you’d want.

The City Mini 2 has everything you would need on a trip to Disneyland. It is lightweight, agile, portable, and full of useful features. Trust that you’ll get more than a few trips out of this robust stroller.

With Disneyland’s new stroller rules as of May 1, 2019, may not be larger than 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long the City Mini 2 is a perfect stroller.


Weight: 17.6 pounds
Dimensions: 43.7 (L) x 24.2 (W) x 41.5 (H) inches
Stroller type: 3-wheel stroller

The Best Stroller for Disneyland

Recliner seats: yes
Footrest: yes
One-hand quick fold: yes
Infant adapter: yes
Car seat adapter: yes
Accessories: tray, parent console, glider board, pram

Build Quality and Design

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 compact lightweight stroller

It’s not a word you’ll hear thrown around a lot when describing strollers, but the best word to describe the City Mini 2 is “nimble.” It is remarkably well built in a compact, sleek manner that suggests high-end manufacturing.

It is an eye-catching stroller in all respects. It is perfectly built to handle quick turns and rapid change of pace. Dual front wheels give its movement more balance while two larger, thicker rear wheels offer stability for a smoother ride.

From the moment you hold it, you can tell that it is exceptionally light (it weighs less than 20 pounds, so it should be). Baby Jogger have gone ahead and added a ton of other features to complement the stylish design of the City Mini 2, which is, so far, the only stroller you’ll want when exploring the Disney Parks.


What more could you ask of a seat? The City Mini 2 has one of the best seats out there. It does everything your baby might need to get comfortable. It can recline to a near-flat position when they want to relax and enjoy the stroll, or positioned upright to allow them to enjoy their environment.

There’s also plenty of calf support thanks to an adjustable footrest. It’s nice that you can switch up the angle to suit your baby’s height as well as their preferred sitting position.

Though not heavy, the seat is comfortably padded and is equipped with the customary 5-point harness for baby’s safety.


Storage is something you’re always going to need on a stroller, whether you’re making a quick trip to the mall or going to Disneyland. Fortunately, the City Mini 2 comes with plenty of storage space.

There’s an extra-large storage basket under the seat that’s easy to access from all angles. You always need this kind of storage space for your diaper bag, snack bag, a few toys, and perhaps a souvenir or two.

The City Mini 2 would have been an even better stroller had Baby Jogger added some zippered pockets for wallets, keys, and cellphones, but the bottom storage is, unfortunately, all we get.


The canopy is made of UV 50 material that blocks out the sun very well. There’s a large peekaboo window at the top, giving you a good view into the inside of the stroller even when the canopy is down. This way, you can keep an eye on your child without having to expose them to the sun.

How Portable Is It?

The City Mini 2 comes with the one-hand quick fold mechanism, which allows you to fold it up in one swift move. It folds up nice and even leaves you with a padded strap to lift it by.

Remember, it only weighs 17.6 pounds, so carrying it around, whether it’s on public transit or through crowded streets, will not be too much of a hassle.

It’s also very car-friendly. It’s small enough to fit in the backseat or trunk when folded. This is great because you can leave it in the car when you don’t intend to wander too far.

Ideal Travel System

Perhaps the best reason to get the City Mini 2 is because you can turn it into a travel system. There’s no need to have a separate car seat and stroller on your Disneyland trip. With a Baby Jogger infant car seat, you can turn the City Mini 2 into a travel system. It’s a heck of a good deal considering how well the stroller handles the Disney World environment.

Who Is It For?

Out of the box, the City Mini 2 is suitable for kids between 1 and 54 months. For infants, it requires an infant seat, which is available. It’s also a great travel system because it’s lightweight and easy to convert.

A Unanimous Verdict

Whichever way you look at it, there are few better Disneyland strollers than the City Mini 2 from Baby Jogger. A sturdily built, lightweight, portable stroller with more than a few useful features to get you through the hassle of navigating Disney World.

The three-wheeler is able to handle tight twists and turns pretty well thanks to its size and weight. It meets Disney World regulations too as it is narrower than 31 inches wide. Best of all, it can function as either a stroller, a car seat, or a combination of both, since the City Mini 2 can be converted into a travel system with the right adapter.

Perhaps it isn’t the best stroller for Disneyland. What’s for certain is that you won’t find a better-suited stroller out there.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Stroller for Disneyland – The Baby Jogger City Mini 2”

  1. Having a good stroller makes the whole outing very nice and convenient for you to go around with your baby without stress. I once got a stroller for my baby and the roller was really bad that it doesn’t move well and I had to return it back to the shop where I got it. This CIty mini 2 has a really fine design and its 3 roller which is present there is a fine idea as well. How will does it balance?

    • I agree. Having a great stroller makes the whole outing much better. I always stress spend money on a good stroller. It’s a great investment. It usually lasts longer, has a smother ride, it’s easy to push etc. It usually makes things way better. Also with the double front wheel helps with balance.

  2. Very cool stroller, you say it can convert into a car seat?  That is amazing, and great.

    Most people when flying to Disneyland do not take car seats for their kids onto the plane, just a stroller

    But then these parents usually call a taxi to take them to the park from the Airport.  If there is no car seat , then it is illegal and very unsafe to put your infant in the taxi

    I know, I used to take people from the airport.  

    I Love the canopy to protect from rain and also the extra storage space under the seat

    • Thanks for the comment. Your can add a car seat to the stroller. With the car seat adapters that are included you can add a car seat. I love these types of strollers. They can grow with your family and usually saves you money in the long run.

  3. A good stroller is extremely important as my friends and family have used several models and have found that they make things a lot easier to move about.  It is well worth the investment to spend a bit more money for a quality stroller.  A good stroller is more durable, easier to use, and overall creates a better experience for all involved.  Being able to convert to a car seat is a plus which I will share with friends and family with young kids.  Appreciate your valuable info.  All the Best.

    • I agree. It’s well worth the investment to spend a bit more money for a quality stroller. Usually it is better but also it should last you longer. If you are planning on having more kids it might be the only stroller you buy. It did for us.

  4. Thank you for this article. it will share it with my friends who are looking for a good stroller.  They are traveling a lot with a baby and they need something for that purpose. They need a stroller that is easy to use and to put in a car. I like the CIty mini 2 design and I’m sure it is worth the investment. 

    • Thanks Bluemoon. The City Mini 2 is a great stroller. We had a similar one when our kids were younger and loved it. It was worth the investment.


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