Britax B Lively vs B Agile – Which Stroller is Best For You And Your Loved One

So, the debate on the best ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers still rages on, and we are here to look at the Britax B-Lively vs the B Agile.

Both are marketed as super lightweight carry-on feature-rich baby strollers designed for mothers who love to travel and explore. But they deliver as hyped, or are you in for a rude awakening? Stick around for the review.

Britax B-Lively

Britax B-Lively lightweight strollerBritax B-Lively is a stroller that boasts of B-safe Ultra infant care, lightweight design, and an all-wheel suspension that makes it easy to cruise on all kinds of surfaces with minimum vibration. It is designed for any child, even the newborn, and can carry a 55-pound baby without collapsing since its shock absorbers play ball.

It’s been designed for everyday strolling and to make it easy to multi-task. It can be folded and unfolded using one hand, and when pushing, its 3-wheel configuration results in smooth cruises. But that’s not all, here’s a dive down to the Pros and Cons of the Britax B-Lively


• Compatibility – The Britax B-Lively is designed to be pair up nicely with various baby products in your possession. It comes laden with the B Safe Ultra Infant Car seat as well as the Britax Car Seat adapters. That way, it’s easy to maintain a great baby product ecosystem; no frustration about products not pairing. Transferring your toddler from the car seat to the pushchair is now a piece of cake!

• Highly Durable – Britax B-Lively can take 55-pound babies without breaking a sweat. The intricate parts of the stroller have been put together well to play ball. It boasts of a UV radiation-proof canopy to keep solar rays as well as rain from your child. The canopy is also sturdy and water-resistant.

• Safety Features – Apart from the UV radiation-proof canopy, the Britax B-Lively also features patented Safe Cell Impact Protection System. This includes an Energy Absorbing Base, Staged Release Stitches to reduce forward movement in case of a crash, two-layered Side Impact Protection, Steel Frame, SafeCentre Latch, in-Built Infant Car Seat Lock, and a V-shaped tether to reduce seat rotation.

• Footrest – This feature makes the Britax B-Lively stroller useful even when the toddler starts to grow bigger and can no longer maintain feet inside the stroller. At last, a pushchair that grows with your child!

• Best Storage Space – Compared to other strollers, Britax B-Lively provides the best storage space to carry your child and other necessary children stuff. You can pack all baby gear in the extra-large storage basket that boasts of front access.


• Rather weighty – Because it’s laden with features such as extra-large basket, safety features, and durable material, the Britax B-Lively is a bit hefty if you are looking for an extremely lightweight pushchair.

• The heftiness makes it tough to maneuver – You are going to have to put in more effort.

The B Agile boasts of a lightweight aluminum frame, 3-wheel configuration, and a Click & Go Mechanism that allows the pushchair to be paired with other baby products via complimentary adapters. The swivel front wheels can be locked when on rough terrain. But that’s not its main advantages; here’s a deep dive into the Pros and Cons:


• Highly Lightweight – Designed with a super lightweight aluminum frame that won’t weigh you down, you can carry the B-agile wherever you want to go.

• Quick-fold Design – You can close the B-Agile with just one hand, and it will only take a few seconds.

• Compatible with various other Britax baby gears – That way, Britax has managed to create and maintain a hassle-free baby ecosystem. But if you aren’t into Britax products, you can get adapters to pair the pushchair with other baby gears.

• Easy to glide through tight spaces – The Swivel front wheel turn through a small radius, making it possible to whizz through crowds and tight spaces.

• Ample under-seat storage plus an additional zippered pocket


•Durability has been sacrificed for a lightweight, portable design.

•The under-seat storage basket is a bit small

•The B-Agile is more expensive than the B-Lively

Now that you are familiar with the two products, how do you pick the winner? Let’s look at which stroller holds the edge over the other: Britax B-

Lively vs B-Agile.

Britax 2017 B-Agile lightweight black stroller

Similarities between the B-Agile and the B-Lively

1. Both have great storage spaces. But the under-seat basket of the B-agile is a bit smaller; hence, the B-Lively holds the edge.

2. Both are designed for the multi-tasking parent and can fold and unfold easily with one hand.

3. Both strollers are made to pair with other baby gears easily.

Differences between the B-Agile and the B-Lively

1.  Foldability – With the Lively, expect more control over the foldability. You can decide the amount of bending, unlike with the B-Agile.

2. Pushing Effort – Expect an ultra-lightweight B-agile pushchair as compared to the heavy-duty B-Lively. It’s easy to push and maneuver the B-Lively thanks to the lightweight design

3. Maneuverability – Whizzing through crowds and thin spaces is much more comfortable with the Agile due to swivel front wheels.

4. Footrest – The B-Lively is designed to grow with your child, when he/she can no longer keep feet inside the stroller, he/she can place it on the footrest. Expect no such convenience from the B-Agile.

5. Durability – Because of the B-Lively’s sturdy design, expect a decent lifespan as compared to the B-Agile’s aluminum frames.

6. Price – B-Agile is pricier than the B-Lively, but it’s the B-lively that is expected to last for a while; surely, then the winner here is the B-Lively ignoring how tough it is to maneuver with it.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, with the B-Lively, you can expect a sturdy, extremely foldable stroller with excellent storage space but a bit tough to maneuver through crowded places, but since it grows with your child, it’s value for money.

With the B-Agile, on the other hand, it matters not where you have to go; its lightweight feature makes it easy to fold and carry in town. Plus, swivel tires make it easy to whizz through busy streets. The only caveat is the B-Agile is not as durable as the B-Lively yet more expensive! You can go ahead and pick the winner then, can’t you?

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